How To Set Up A Call To Action Button On Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is gaining popularity in business as well. Companies of all sizes make sure their presence on Facebook channel to enhance their engagement levels. Recently, Facebook come up with an additional feature for Facebook business page. Users can add a ‘Call to Action’ button on their business page. In fact, it is very simple to carry out this set up.

At first, users need to log on to their Facebook business pages. Once logged in there, they could see a “Call to Action” button located at the top right corner, near share button. Click on that button to set up.

How To Set Up A Call To Action Button On Facebook Business Page?A drop down menu will appear now to choose actions. There are 7 actions available and users can choose one action from it. The next step is to enter URL of the website and mobile site in the relevant fields shown below & then click ‘Next‘ button to proceed.

How To Set Up A Call To Action Button On Facebook Business Page?A new screen will show up where users can choose their iOS destination to confirm where to send people when they tap the button on an iPhone or an iPad. Choose either website or App from the drop down menu and then click “Next” button. The next screen will let users to choose Android destination. Choose website/App and then click “Create” button.

The Call to Action button is now ready. The CTA button name will now be changed to the type of action that a user has selected. In this case,”Book Now” is selected as a Call to Action choice.

CaptureThis CTA button feature is very useful to promote online business of any kind. Users can set up this function for free so it is worth adding on any Facebook business page. The Call To Action type can always be edited as per the choice. Click on the arrow mark on the ‘Call To Action’ button and choose ‘Edit Call to Action’ choice from the drop down menu to make required changes.

When a visitor of Facebook page click on the Call To Action button shown there, it will take them to the right webpage where the action need to be carried out! This is amazing. Marketers can use this tool effectively for their product promotions and to receive more conversion from their e-commerce site.


Image source: Facebook business page