Why is a balanced diet important?

Why is a balanced diet important?

Why is a balanced diet important?Proper dieting and protein supplements are necessary to get the desired results from our fitness program. Enough quantity food supplements would balance our body weight from reducing due to regular physical workout, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet.

What is Diet food and why is a balanced diet important?

People eat a variety of dishes that supplement vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins etc. When we are regular with our fitness programs, our body consumes most of the vitamins and proteins in a short span of time. That means, in order to keep our body fit and healthy, we need to maintain a healthy diet that goes along with the type of fitness program that we follow every day.

Why is a balanced diet important?There should be enough protein in our body to equip the body against viruses, and to maintain required resistance power to the body. Therefore, it is required to give proper attention to dieting and take enough protein rich food to maintain our body and to get the best results from our fitness program. Balanced diet fitness is all about maintaining a perfect mix of diet to an appropriate fitness program.

We need to maintain a balanced diet fitness in our regular fitness program. Most of the times, we can get enough proteins and supplements from our daily breakfast and meals prepared at home itself. However, when we start doing advanced level exercises, we need more balanced diet that provides all types of vitamins and supplements required to maintain our body healthy and fit. This is where the ready-made food supplements come in to the picture. These days, varieties of good and effective ready-made diets are available in the market.

why is a balanced diet important?

Poor diet can leads to many diseases like cancer, heart disease, and obesity. It is very important to understand the relationship between our diet and our physical fitness program and we have to make necessary changes in the diets accordingly. 

Balanced diet fitness, a perfect mix of diet to an appropriate fitness program, should be an important part of our regular fitness program. Following are some of the main attributes of ideal diet fitness programs.

Balanced Diet

Our diet should be a balanced one. That means it should contain all those carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral salts and fiber in a well proportionate quantity. 

Carbohydrates: Provide the source of energy to our body so it is an important item in any balanced diet. Source: Rice, wheat, and pulses supply copious amount of carbohydrates enough for our body. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to provide enough quantities of required vitamins and fibers. Fruits and green vegetables will balance the metabolism of our body and improves the body resistance.

why is a balanced diet important?Eat Moderately

Eat well, but not much. Avoid eating too much. Instead of eating a large meal twice or thrice in a day, develop the habit of eating small and light meals at regular intervals. Do not worry about the fitness program in the beginning itself. Instead, we need to begin our workout and take things further ahead as we start understanding about our body and fitness. Maintain a proper diet. Ensure that our diet supplies enough strength and energy to carry out our regular fitness training.Did you like this post? Post your comments here. 

We have discussed about diet food and its importance in fitness programs. It is necessary to set up own diet program suiting to our body structure and fitness goal.

Diet program solutions

Following are few important facts that need to be considered in our diet programs to get effective results.

Why is a balanced diet important?1. Eat variety of foods

  • We need to include all sorts of healthy dishes and snacks such as whole grain breads and cereals in our daily diet plan. These food items supplement enough vitamins and minerals needed for our body.
  • Include leafy green vegetables in your diet for iron fueling and fruits for adequate  fiber.
  • Add lean meat and Fish dishes in your meal as it will bring down our cholesterol level and equip us to combat life threatening diseases like cancer to a great extend.
  • Take enough fluids and purified water to maintain maximum hydration.
2. Maintain Energy and Body Weight

We need to ensure that we have enough body weight and energy levels to carry out our daily activities comfortably. This will enhance our capability to recover fast when any damage occurs during the program. Our efforts to reduce obesity will not find success by reducing just food intake alone.

When we eat more food than we burn, our body will gain weight, mostly in the form of fat. In such cases, the only way we can maintain our body weight is by indulging in more physical activities and thereby making our body more efficient for maintaining energy balance. Just work out more is not enough and we need manage our diet to match our actual energy expenditure. Research studies shows that the body is naturally resistant to weight loss. It means that it is easier to prevent gaining weight to our body than loose weight.

3. Short term and Long term benefits

The diet should provide us both short-term and long-term benefits. We need not take too much strain to maintain our diet. Our diet maintenance should be easy and smooth throughout the program.

Why is a balanced diet important?Choose a diet program that is suitable for us, both physically and mentally. We need to ensure that we do not actually starve just for cutting excess fat and thereby running the risk of malnutrition and weakness.

People start their fitness program very enthusiastically but their interest level slowly reduced after a certain period. We need to be very patient and dedicated to our fitness program  and diet program schedules that was set at the start. It is very important to be disciplined to get the desired results.

In case if you do not enjoy any regular fitness programs, then try some interesting activities like gymnasium, aerobics, cycling and dancing. These activities offer enough activities to our body, lots of fun and entertainment as well. 

Whatever we do, we need to ensure that we do perfectly. The primary objective of all these activities is to speed up the overall fitness process and get the best results in time.

Eat healthy food (Read:Top 10 Ways to Eat Healthy), do regular exercises, and be good to every one, these are three basic points that one need to consider during the whole fitness regime.


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Body fitness program Terms

Body fitness program Terms

Body fitness program Terms

A lot of informative journals and books about body fitness programs are available in the market, which offer all up to date information about the latest fitness programs, fitness equipment, food supplements and related information regularly.

It is a good idea to go through these fitness magazines and online articles to update our knowledge about personal fitness programs and equipment. Let us go through some of the common terminologies used in the body fitness in general. Knowledge about these terms would definitely help us to understand many fitness articles better. Here are few common terminologies used in personal fitness programs.

Aerobic Endurance

This measures our ability to do moderately strenuous activity over a period. It measures the efficiency of our heart and lungs that work together to supply oxygen to the body while doing exercise. Aerobic fitness equipment is used for these kinds of activities. It is the ability of the body to carry out repetitive movements. Aerobic Endurance is a very important in sports activities such as long distance running and other similar items.

There are three types of Aerobic endurance and it is classified based on the time duration. The short aerobic endurance is the one that lasts between 2 – 8 minutes while the medium aerobic lasts between 8 -30 minutes and the long aerobic endurance  lasts for 30 minutes and above.

Aerobic endurance offers many benefits to our body. It improves efficiency of our heart and increase the blood circulation in our body with lesser heartbeats. Besides this, Aerobic endurance improves our cholesterol level and reduces triglyceride levels as well.

Body fitness program TermsMuscular Endurance

This type of activity measures our fitness level by our ability to hold a particular position for a certain period or repeatedly for many times. For example, lift five-pound weight for 20 to 25 times continuously. People who are active in sports (football, basketball or hockey), that last longer periods, need to give proper attention to their muscular endurance. This is very important.

How to improve muscular endurance?

Doing any type of cardiovascular activity will help us improve our muscular endurance. Simple activities like walking, running or biking can make some improvements. Try Chin-ups, push-ups or triceps regularly to see a considerable improvement in the upper body. Read our blog 5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on Vacations 

Muscular Strength

This is different from muscular endurance. Muscular Strength measures our ability to exert maximum force. This method is relevant when someone has greater muscular strength in one particular area compared to another. E.g., it is used when our arms are stronger than our legs. This is practiced by lifting the heaviest weight that we can able to lift.

Important point: It is not advised to repeat strength training on any muscle more than once in 48 hours as it can cause injuries to body and muscles.


This is one of the most important part of a fitness program. Flexibility is the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion or the elasticity of the muscle. It is very important to maintain a high flexibility in our body because it would improve our performance and minimize the risk of injury in any sports activities. Flexibility of a body is determined by the extend that the body muscle can stretch its fibers. Our body becomes more flexible when its muscle fibers are stretched more.

How to improve flexibility?

We need to stretch every muscles in our body before or after doing our exercise. Do this only in warmed up condition or else this exercise would hurt muscles. Follow this practice twice or thrice in a day and we will see some improvements after few weeks of practice.

Body Composition

Body Composition measures the proportion of fat in our body as compared to our bone and muscle. It, anyway, does not refer to our weight or shape. Two people with the same height and weight may appear different because they have a different body composition. There are different ways to measure our body composition. Measurement using calipers and underwater body fat test are some of them.Body fitness program Terms

The body fat percentage could directly impact our overall well-being when it is above the limit. Excess fat content can cause many serious health issues such as cancer, diabetes, liver disease and heart related problems.

Taking weight on a regular scale does not asses our body fat percentage as it will not show how much quantity water, fat or muscle comprised of our total body weight.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)Body fitness program Terms

Basal Metabolic rate is the rate at which our energy is utilized while resting. This shows the energy required for us to maintain life. This include maintenance of heart beat, body temperature, breathing nerve transmission, the energy cost of protein required to maintain cells.

There are many factors that affect  our Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. Our age, weight, gender, body fat percentage, genetics, diet, heredity, our current activity level are some of the major factors that would impact our BMR rate. Our BMR levels slows down after the age of 20 at the rate of 10% every 10 years., so we need to adjust our life style accordingly. BMR level increases with the body weight.

Importance of BMR in Fitness Program

We all set certain goals in our fitness programs. Some of us wants to lose weight while few other wants to gain weight. There are few others just wants to maintain their existing weight. If we know our BMR level, we would able to plan our fitness program accordingly and achieve fitness goal and maintain it well. Hence, it is important to know the BMR level and ignoring it could impact performance to achieve our fitness goal.

How to calculate BMR?

We need to use the following formula to calculate BMR rate. Here we need to take our weight in Pounds and height in inches to calculate BMR.

Body fitness program TermsAssume a 30-year-old man whose height is 5 feet 6 inches (66 inches) and weight is 170 pounds. Let us calculate his BMR now.

66 + (6.23 x 170) + (12.7 x 66) – (6.8 x 30) =2001.3 ( BMR=2001.3)

This is an indicative BMR figure and the actual BMR would vary based on this person’s activity level and diet.

BMR shows how many calories that we need to consume each day. It means that, the more active we are, the more calories our body burns everyday so in that case, we need to take more calorie food. Generally speaking, our BMR rate shows the amount of calorie that we require for us to maintain our body each day. Our calorie intake should be regulated based on the BMR so that we can maintain our body weight.


Regeneration is one of the most critical components in a fitness training plan. This helps our body to relieve from pains and enhance our body’s response to training. Regeneration includes stretching and massaging that would recharge our mind and body.

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Votive Candles

Votive Candles
Votive Candles are small candles and used mainly for religious worship in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church. These candles do not give much of light. It is made from paraffin, beeswax, or other waxes. However, when cluster of these candles lit together, they give out good light around.

These votive candles are round in shape like any normal candles and they come in different sizes and lengths. These candles in the church are usually lit by visitors who come there for a prayer meeting. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, candles are lit before icons, usually of Jesus Christ or the Holy Theotokos. Usually Orthodox churches only use long, thin candles.

These are usually placed in round containers, having either various sockets to hold the candles, or in a container filled with sand, in which the worshipers place their candles.Orthodox churches will usually have a separate place to put candles lit for the departed; Roman Catholic churches make no such distinction.

Votive Candles are lit for prayer intentions. To “light a candle for someone” indicates one’s intention to say a prayer for another person, and the candle symbolizes that prayer. A donation box intended to defer candle costs generally accompanies votive candles. In some churches, the donation is considered a mandatory contribution in exchange for lighting a candle.

Formation of Apartment Association in Bengaluru

Formation of Apartment Association

Formation of Apartment owners association is a cumbersome process. If the owners are lucky, the builder only registers the association before hand over. If that does not happen, then the owners need to join together and do everything themselves with the help of a lawyer.

We noticed most lawyers recommend the registration of the owner’s association under the Karnataka Societies Act. In fact, the Karnataka Societies  Act is not the right law to register an apartment association. Section 3 of the Societies Act has a relevant definition applicable to apartment owners association.

The Karnataka Apartment Owners Act (KAOA) is the right law under which all apartment complex owners should register their association. Apartment, as defined in Karnataka, is a property of residential nature where the owner owns the apartment and holds a percentage of shares in the land and common areas and amenities.

There are two laws governing these matters in Karnataka.

  1. Karnataka Ownership Flats Act (KOFA) and
  2. Karnataka Apartment Owners Act (KAOA)

Three types of communities formed under Karnataka’s existing laws. In this, the third option seems to be better.  This option envisaged in the KOFA is for the builder/promoter to form an association of owners under the KAOA.

KAOA requires the builder/promoter/owner of the apartment to execute a document known as the Deed of Declaration (DOD). This document describes the property (the building, all of its apartments and its common facilitates such as generators, fire fighting equipments, etc. along with the ownership scheme that lists the percentage share of each apartment.

Things to be registered:
  1. Deed of Declaration
  2. Copies of Plan approvals from local authorities.
  3. Byelaws of the Association of owners

When the individual apartment owner goes to register their Deed of Apartment to complete their sale, the KAOA requires that the Deed of Apartment refers to the DoD (Includes the registration of the DoD, such as registration number, date, sub registrar’s office etc.) so that the ownership scheme is fully traceable and the title is clear.

Registrars and sub registrars are also expected to meet certain special requirements by the KAOA to preserve and update the information in an organized manner. In addition to the Deed of an Apartment, the purchases are also need to execute a declaration known as Form B, where they agree to abide by the rules of the KAOA.

Once the apartments are sold and registered, the builder is required to approach the Registrar of the co-operative society (Identified as the competent authority by the  KAOA) with copies of the registered Deed of Declaration, byelaws, Deed of Apartments, and Form B declaration to register the association. In case of unsold apartments, the builder/promoter is allowed to represent those unsold flats. This process completes the formation of the association. The bye laws registered with the DoD become the bye-laws of association and everything is set for smooth operation.


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