Gmail Tricks: Get SMS Alerts for Every New E-mail Received

Get SMS Alerts for Every New E-mail ReceivedGmail is one of the most popular email services used by people worldwide. You find almost everyone use Gmail account these days for their personal or official purposes. By default all Google account holders get one Gmail account associated with it.

When we use Gmail account for our business purpose, it is very important that we get notification when some important emails landed in our inbox. Responding to a business mail promptly and immediately make our conversation more effective and impressive. Though most of us use smartphone to access emails, it is still worth setting up SMS alerts for every new mail that you receive in Gmail.

How do we set up Gmail for instant SMS alerts?

There are many application available but most of the reliable applications are limited to certain number of messages for a month and that too for a price. Here is a Gmail trick to set up SMS alert for free. This service can be used only with Gmail account and it include no third party application. That makes this method more reliable than other free methods. I am not sure about other  countries, but it works in India at no extra charge. 

Step 1: Create Filter condition in Gmail
  • This is a very simple step. Login to Gmail account.
  • Choose Settings from the Gears icon from the top right side. 
  • Go to ‘Labels’ and then click on ‘Create new label’ link shown at the bottom.
  • Name the new label as ‘sendsms‘ or ‘emailsms‘ or whatever name you want to identify this filter. 
  • Once the label is created, the next step would be to set up filter for this label. Now all your important emails to be routed to the label that we created just now. 
  • Click on ‘Filter’ link at the top. Create a new filter with filter conditions. If you want to get SMS alerts for new mails from any particular person or company or boss then mention that email address in the ‘From’ filed in filter screen.

Get SMS Alerts for Every New E-mail Received

If you want to get SMS alerts for all emails that you receive then mention ‘is:inbox’ in “Has the words” field.

Once done with these, click on ‘Create filter with this search‘ link shown at the bottom side. A new screen will pop up. Now click check box for ‘Apply the label’ and then choose the label that you have created (‘sendsms‘) few minutes back from the drop down list.

Click on “Create filter” tab at the bottom to complete this step. 

Step 2. Set up Google Calender for your mobile

Most of the Gmail account holders using Google calendar already. However, let me explain you little bit about it.  Google calendar is very useful to record all your future events and set reminders for all of them. You can set reminders for all type of future events. Reminders can be set as SMS or Email.

  • Login to your Gmail account and then  Click on Google Calender  to go to calendar page. Click on Geared Icon at the top right side and select ‘Settings’ from there.
  • Choose all information that are applicable to you. Choose your country and time zone as well. Click on save button.

Get SMS Alerts for Every New E-mail Received

  • Click on ‘Mobile Setup’ link shown above. A new screen will appear. Choose the country from  drop down menu
  • Now enter your active mobile number in the field provided below and then click on ‘Send verification code’ button.
  • You will soon receive a verification code in your mobile. Enter that code in the field provided. Now you will see that your mobile number is verified. You can find the status message : Phone number successfully validated appear now at the top. Once your mobile number is verified on Google calendar, you will get SMS alerts for every events recorded there.
  • Click on “Calendars’ link. Now find the filter name that you set before and click on ‘Edit Notification’ link shown against it. A new window opens. Choose event notification as SMS for 1 minute. Below, click on SMS check box for all events and then save. That is all.
Step 3: Configure Google Docs for SMS alerts

This is also very easy to follow.

  • Login to Google Docs.( Click on this link to go there) using the same Gmail account user name and password.
  • Now click  on this Link to go to a page where you can make copy of the spreadsheet. Click on the link Yes, make a copy provided there. 
  • Go to Tools-> Script Editor. There you need to choose Resources-> Current script’s triggers.
  • Select click here to add one option. Under events choose option ‘Time-Driven’ and then ‘Minutes timer’ and Every minute from the respective drop down menus. Click on save button to update the entries. These entries will make sure that Google Docs would poll your Gmail account for new incoming messages for the label created at every minute.
  • Now ‘Authorize’ all entries made so far and give access to the account if asked for it. Close the screen and save. That’s all! Now you can get SMS alerts for all your important emails from Gmail!


Image Source: Gmail and Google docs