7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Avoid

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care AboutDue to lack of proper training and practice, many people make mistakes while working out at the fitness center. People often rush to finish their workout during weekdays due to their busy schedules and such hurried approach would often become a cause for committing more mistakes during the workout.

We need to check whether are we making the best use of our time when we exercise or are we making some major mistakes that may adversely affect our long-term fitness goal.

What are the effects of Exercise Mistakes? How can we minimize such mistakes?

Exercise mistakes can cause injuries to our body and that eventually become counterproductive to our fitness goal. Workout mistakes could harm our body and affect our overall health.

There are few things that we must do and must not do while working out at a fitness center so that we will reach our ultimate fitness goal without causing any injuries to our body.

What are the Common Exercise Mistakes?

1. Hurry to get results

People usually visit their health centers only when they have some issue with their body weight such as obesity, heavy tummy, etc. or when they want to tone their body and become attractive. When people realized these short-term goals, they often stop continue their workout after that.

Very often, people try to get quick results from their workout program. To get faster results, they often end up choosing exercises that are too difficult and not always matching to their fitness level. This will eventually put their body at risk. (Read: Regular exercise for beginners)

Solution: Start with an exercise plan that considers our current workout regimen. Be patient to see the results and take own time during the workout.

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About2. Set unrealistic Goals

We come across many advertisements about health fitness programs that guarantee quick and unrealistic results in a short period. These are just money making tricks. Do not get carried away by those promises because their promises are very unrealistic to believe.

Nothing can be achieved without working hard at the Gym. Set our fitness goals that can be achieved with our current physical status and workout practices. We need work out a considerable amount of time and need enough rest in between our workout to start seeing some good results in our body. Instead, if we become more aggressive, it can affect your fitness program and harm our body and mind afterwards. ( Read about Fitness and Psychology)

Solution: Set realistic goals that we can achieve.

3. Not Seeking Advice from Experts7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About

We happened to see many men complaining about shoulder pain after benching exercise or back pain after squatting practice. It is very much necessary to keep our doctor and fitness coach in our loop at least for a period of one month or two for us to learn proper exercise technique and program-design strategies suitable for our body. Always ask their opinion and suggestions before starting with any workout programs and while making any changes in between. This will ensure that we are working toward strengthening our body and adding muscle with minimum risk of injuries.

Our doctor can advise us on certain things that are good for our body structure and age. An experienced fitness professional can teach us some of the most effective workout techniques that suits to our body. Following the fitness expert guidance will help us stay away from many such workout injuries.

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About4. Over Exercising

People often get overwhelmed with the idea of doing exercise and they tend to work out very frequently. Frequent exercising can cause our body gets exhausted very fast. Weak body causes more damages and injuries during the workout.

Taking exercise to the extreme levels can result serious health issues. Some people place exercise as the core of their lives and feel compelled to exercise beyond their limits, in a desperate attempt to burn more calories and get faster results. Compulsive exercisers build their lives around their workout. They get distressed when they are unable to exercise as much as they feel they required to exercise. We need to identify such disorders within us and stay away from such compulsions. Set a realistic approach towards our fitness program and goal. Get help from a certified fitness trainer to determine what exercise is good for us at what level.

Solution: Limit our exercise timings according to our physical conditions and personal constraints.

5. Improper Breathing during exercise

Though breathing is an involuntary function of a body, Proper breathing is very essential during exercise. An experienced fitness professional can teach us how to breathe properly while doing exercise. Improper breathing and lack of oxygen can cause faintness.

When we do aerobic activities like running or swimming, following a right breathing pattern will ensure that all our muscles in action are getting enough oxygen to keep proper contraction during exercise and work better. Proper breathing is central to all types of exercises including yoga, weight lifting, and Pilates. Always breathe through the nose and not through the mouth. Try to breathe too shallowly and be very careful while working out.

Solution: Seek help from fitness experts and learn how to breathe properly.

6. Inappropriate Size Weights

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care AboutChoose the inappropriate size weights for strength training is another mistake that people often commit during their workout. Weight lifting is too heavy to practice. Improper weight can often cause injuries to our body. Using too light weights will make our exercise session very ineffective.

How much weight we can take? 1 RM or 1 Rep Max is the weight that we could lift on during exercise for the first time. In case of strength training program, we should set this weight limit at around 60-70% of Rep Max. How to determine our Rep Max? Find out  the weight that we can lift normally. In normal case, our RM should be not less than 8 times and not more than 15 times of that weight. We can start our exercise with 8 times initially and as we get stronger after few days, we can increase this level up to 15 Rep Max maximum.

Solution: Consult a fitness trainer to determine the suitable amount of weight for our body size, strength and our workout program.

7. Not Drinking Enough Water

Working out at our fitness center can cause lots of water loss due to perspiration. We need to drink lots of liquid and water to keep our body hydrated even when we are not working out. When we exercise, we need to drink more quantity water in order to keep our body hydrated. When workout, men should drink a gallon of water and women should drink almost 3/4 gallon a day to keep the body hydrated well during exercise.

Solution: At the end of every one-hour exercise, drink at least 16 ounces of water. We need to drink at least 1 to 2 cups of water about 30 minutes before we start our exercises.


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