Fitness and Health

Fitness and Health

Physical fitness is a fine-tuning of body and something similar to an engine fine-tuning for smooth and efficient running. Perfect body figure is achieved through regular work out and balanced diet. Regular workout improves the overall working condition of heart, lungs, body muscles, and other important parts of the body.

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Fitness and HealthThe human body is a motion machine. Every human body is designed to move and it is meant for it. Each part of our body is designed to do certain functions and actions. Hence, it is necessary to do regular exercise in order to keep body fit and healthy.

Our legs are meant for walking and running not just to keep idle without much movement. If there is no possibility to run or walk in the routine work schedule, then it is better to find some time for a walk and/or leg exercise during free hours. Remember, sitting too long without much activity for legs could weak leg muscles and stamina.

It will also affect overall blood circulation in the body that may leads to many ailments and physical problems later. Fitness and HealthMost people aware about the importance of keeping body fit but they actually do not find time for regular workout. In the modern work environment, we have very little scope for physical movements while carrying out day-to-day activities.

Technological advancement encroached in our daily life. New technologies have made our life easier but badly affect our health as the present work style reduced our physical movements.

Here are some of the most important benefits of regular workout:

  1. Regular workout enhances the efficiency of human body to fight against viruses that spread diseases. Sunlight on skin during exercise  helps body produce vitamin D which is essential to our body. More information: Regular Exercise Benefits.
  2. Regular workout increases oxygen flow that add many benefits to our body and brain. Our memory and metal alertness improves when we work out every day.
  3. Physical Exercise improves human body physically as well as mentally. Regular workout can relieve tension, depression, and anger. Our mental strength and alertness of body improves. As regular workout becomes a part of our routine, we experience progress in general well-being over a period.
  4. Physical exercise improves our immunity system that decreases the risk of falling ill and protect us from many deadly diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart attack.
  5. Regular work out can bring down our blood pressure and bad cholesterol and thereby reduce heart ailments and related diseases. To some extend, by doing regular exercise we can effectively control our blood pressure without the help of any anti hypertensive medicines.

Fitness and HealthOur body slowly loose its strength and stamina when we don’t engage with any physical activities regularly. Research studies shows that each hour of regular exercise can extend our life expectancy for additional two hours. Brisk walking everyday for 30 minutes can really make a change in our life. 30 minutes of moderate activity is beneficial to our overall body health.

Few added benefits of regular exercise

  • Regular exercise keeps our body weight under control.
  • Want to quite smoking? Regular work out can help us in the game.
  • Regular exercise boost our energy level, improve mental strength, self image, and optimism and maintain our independence.
  • Regular work out reduces coronary heart disease in women.
  • Daily workout improves the good cholesterol (HDL) levels in our body.
  • Regular workout on every day can strengthen our bones and reduce bone loss. Our muscle strength increases as we keep exercise every day and our physical strength improves considerably.
  • Physical exercise helps us sleep better.
  • Regular exercise benefits people of all ages. Senior citizens can  safeguard themselves from chronic diseases associated with their age and lead quality life if they engage in simple exercise activities everyday.
Regular exercise for older people

As we get older, maintaining a regular exercise routine can be a big challenge due to illness, concerns about injuries or age related health problems. Many older people has no clue about where to start. They are often get discouraged by their own negative thoughts and concerns build up in their mind as they get older.

Fitness and HealthExercise can energize these old people’s mind, improve immunity, relieve stress and help them manage their illness well. If planned well, they can make regular exercise a fun-filled activity when they do it with family members or friends. Strength training helps to control the symptoms of arthritis and other chronic conditions. Exercise improves their strength, flexibility and posture and that help with balance and reduce the risk of falls and related injuries. 9 Top Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should follow

Tips to get started

  1. Consult with the family doctor before starting an exercise program. Most old aged people have one or other age related issues. In such cases, one needs to get a doctor’s opinion about the activities that these old people can follow and the activities they should avoid in their daily workout routine. It is important to get medical clearance from a doctor first.
  2. Consider present health conditions before deciding on the type of workouts. Get family doctor’s opinion about it. For example, in case of diabetics, they have to adjust the timing of their meal and medication when setting an exercise plan. Keep a watch on their condition during the work out. If they are uncomfortable with any particular type of activity, and if they experience any pain or shortness of breath, then just ask them to stop that activity immediately.
  3. Do not start exercise all of sudden. Start light activities in the beginning and proceed slowly. Warm up before starting exercise and follow the correct cooling down procedures. Drink enough water to prevent fatigue. Make regular exercise a habit. Make their fitness activities enjoyable with some fun-filled activities. Read about common Exercise Mistakes here
  4. The right type exercise should always energize people. In case any particular exercise makes old people lousy, then ask them to stop such activity immediately. If they experience any pain,  short of breath, or any sort of uneasiness, then take them to the doctor immediately.
  5. Focus on short-term goals and maintain a positive mindset. It is very important to keep mentally motivated with positive mindset.

This blog has more than 20 articles posted that carry useful fitness tips. I hope readers find these articles helpful and handy. For any questions or suggestions, post in the comment box below.

9 Top Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should follow

Message to readers:  
This blog is written with an aim to offer few useful  tips on exercise and related areas. I am not a fitness expert but I have done extensive research on this subject and prepared articles based on my studies and experience. I am convinced about the facts mentioned in these articles  however; it is up to the reader to follow them. 
Articles in this blog site are intended to guide people and offer basic tips on fitness and related topics. The author of this blog will not held responsible for any loss caused due to implementation of tips mentioned in this bog without any further research.

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9 Top Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should Follow

Gym Etiquette That We Must Follow

Gym Etiquette

Many companies and employer encourage employees to focus on their fitness and overall health. As we all know that a healthy work force brings more efficient and quality output. Gym Etiquette is very important these days and here we are discussing about the same in detail.

People usually start visiting their local gym in the beginning of New Year and most of these category people continue with their fitness program only up to April. It is very common to see these new comers often make the gym overcrowded and turn the overall atmosphere uncomfortable for many regulars in the gym till April. The reality is that these new comers eventually loose their enthusiasm and stop coming after that couple of months.

Gym Etiquette That We Must Follow These things happen because there is no rule exists to control the number of people who enroll gym. Any number of people can get membership at a gym without any hassles. The only way to get rid of this problem is by changing our timings for work out and following  Gym Etiquette during the workout.

Here are few tips for you. We can reduce these inconveniences by following the best Gym Etiquette practices mentioned below.

  • The most preferred timings for a workout is at night after 7 P.M. It is an ideal timing for regulars to workout without much crowd.
  • Always use a towel while using any fitness equipment. We need to keep a clean and fresh towel between body and the fitness machines when we work on that machine. Wipe down the machine surface thoroughly after you finished using it. It will make the machine surface clean and does not cause any inconvenience to other people.
  • Use weights very carefully. Do not drop the weights on the ground directly enough to make a loud clang as that can be distressing to other members. Make sure that we return the weights to the correct place on the racks when we are finished with them.
  • Gym Etiquette That We Must Follow Do not constantly ask people if they have finished using a machine when they are sill exercising on it. It will certainly annoy them, so stay away from such practices. Avoid go over the time limits that we set on the particular machine. Stick with the time limit set with that machine.
  • Avoid chatting with people and standing in large group when there is a machine in use. Switch off your cell phone while you are working out.
  • Avoid screaming or make any loud gestures when you are about to go for your best lift. There are many other members in the center concentrating on their activities. It is OK to exhale loudly as you contract the muscles during your set.
  • Avoid over using the water fountain at the Gym center.
  • Never leave towel or other personal belongings lying on a bench or on any equipment when you are not using it.
  • Last but not the least; follow the code of conduct of the gym center.

Fitness Psychology

Fitness Psychology

Fitness PsychologyWe all affected by emotions in day and night. In every process, the involvement of mind is necessary to get the proper results. Whatever activities you do to reduce body weight, you need to set your subconscious mind to achieve the same.

It is not logic but our programmed emotional state controls our behavior in most of the times in our life. We may face many obstacles that can dampen our spirit and under perform in our  fitness activities. Sports people generally go through these type obstacles at certain points of their career and they usually overcome this with the help of a sports psychologists.

We need to train ourselves to combat such obstacles that we face during our fitness training program. Proper mental health training can enhance our performance in workout sessions. Choose activities that we enjoy doing regularly. It means that, we ought to have some emotionally compelling reason to stick with an exercise and continue with it every day. We have to evaluate our fitness goal regularly and work on to achieve it. Our compelling reason to stay with our fitness program could be to get good body shape.

Gym Etiquette and Fitness PsychologyNever compare our performance with others. Just analyze our own performance and try to make changes as required. Comparing our progress with some one else at the fitness center is not going to help us in any way but deviate our focus. Always compete with your own performance.

When we make a decision to become health and fit, it takes just few seconds for us to make that decision. However, it actually takes a couple of weeks for us to inculcate habits that eventually equip us to achieve our results.

Subconscious mind: How it works?

The subconscious mind records all our feelings that we come across so far in our life. These emotions include whatever we have seen or felt and whatever we have smelled, heard, or tasted so far. Our subconscious mind simply accumulates this information and organizes. These stored data in our subconscious mind determine how we will respond to recurring circumstances in our daily life afterwards.

Once your subconscious mind has taken certain information and formed it into a program, it will devote its considerable power to the continuation of that programmed behavior or habit, irrespective of its consequences. Actually, this subconscious programming only let people do those automatic things like driving a car, using computer and so on.

If our subconscious had not stored these details in the form of a program, it would not be possible to do these things so flawlessly and automatically. Unfortunately, these subconscious programs sometimes do not work properly.

Fitness psychologyUsually in the early period of our life, some of us were programmed to eat poorly or enjoy pleasure doing certain things like smoking, or drinking. When we begin to realize the consequences of these habits at later point, we are unable to do anything with our subconscious mind to get rid of this habit.  

To cut it short, it is very important to take control of our mind before proceed with our fitness plan. Let our plan be anything, unless our mind is not under our control and have positive thoughts, we would find it difficult to get over the obstacles and achieve our goals. Be positive, plan ahead and we will hit our target!


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Regular Exercise Benefits

Regular exercise Benefits

Regular physical activities is necessary to keep one fit and healthy. When I mentioned about regular activities, I meant those simple exercises such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, aerobic etc .These simple activities, if practiced regularly, can improve our body strength and fitness considerably.Regular exercise Benefits

Benefits of Regular Exercise

1. Improve physical posture and personality: Regular exercise can prevent getting overweight and help maintain weight loss. Regular workout will bring us the right body posture and shape. It is not necessary to spent long hours doing exercise to get weight loss benefits instead, do exercise regularly and be active throughout the day.

2. Boost our self-confidence: Regular workout improve our body look, shape and self confidence. Workout at the Gym or a brisk walking can help us reduce stress level and emotionally strong. Regular physical activity will help us to relax better. We feel better about our appearance and that can be a boost to our self-esteem.

3. Strong body and strong mind will guard us against future illnesses: Regular exercise help us maintain strong body and strong mind and combat diseases. By doing regular exercise, we can control our blood pressure, bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and unhealthy triglycerides effectively. Simple regular exercises are suggested for wide range of health ailments that include stroke, metabolic syndrome, depression, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

4. Exercises regularly to strengthen bones and joints: Engaged in regular physical activity can help to maintain our bone joints better and keep them strong.

5. Routine exercises improve the efficiency of our cardiovascular system and keep our heart strong and healthy. Regular exercise can improve good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Regular exercise and proper dieting can keep us healthy and live long. This will also keep your doctor away for years. Start with some light exercise activities such as light walking in the morning and evenings initially. Do not overdo your exercise anyway. Do walking just to get your body warmer, nothing more.

6. Get better sleep: Do exercise on everyday and that can help you sleep faster. Never do exercise before going to bed as that can make us more energetic and unable to sleep.

7. Improves Sex life: Regular physical activities can bring in more energy and confidence, that create a lot of positive impact on our sex life. Men and women who exercise regularly can get away from their common sexual problems.

Many of us practice only indoor exercises to reduce weight or just to keep fit when working out at fitness centers. We often ignore the importance of outdoor exercises in our fitness program. In fact, many outdoor exercises are very effective and require no fitness equipment.
Following are the most effective and useful outdoor exercise methods. We require no equipment to carry out these exercise methods. Read 5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on Vacations for more information about these exercise methods and their benefits.
  • Push up
  • Squats
  • Lunge
  • Step Ups
  • Chin ups

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise?

  • No need to go to our gym. 
  • Our body is exposed to sunlight while doing outdoor exercises. Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D that keeps our skin healthy.
  • Very limited number of fitness equipment is required for any good outdoor workout so only less investment is required.
  • No special clothing is required to workout.
  • You get very fresh and cool air during your outdoor exercises.
  • You do not have to spend time at crowded gyms.

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Top Workout Plan and Routines

Workout Plan and Routines

More and more people are aware of the importance of fitness programs and its role in keeping body fit and healthy. Many people are unhappy with their body shape and desperate to good body posture. They are ready to spend good money for the right kind of solution and make their body toned the way they always aspired.

How to Plan our Workout?

Though there are plenty of fitness programs available, it is very difficult to mention which program is the best of all. Each individual may find one or other fitness program is the best depending on that person’s physical and biological factors.

Workout Plan and Routines Even if we choose one of the most effective fitness programs, we may still not be able to achieve our desired results unless we have dedication and passion to work out on regular basis without any break in between.

For effective results from our workout, we need to follow the points mentioned below.

  • We need to be focused and discipline. Set our fitness goal for each period.
  • We need to be very organized in our activities. We have to plan well for the time required for our fitness programs. It is better to change our fitness practice timings on each week depending on our work schedule.
  • Good time management is necessary to keep perfect balance between our fitness practice schedule and other daily routine works.

These steps will make our daily workout more effective and enjoyable. When we begin enjoying our fitness program, we develop an interest to continue with it and make it a part our daily schedule.

Workout Plan and RoutinesWorkout Routines

Every personal fitness trainer may have different views about the ways of strength training routine. However, the fundamental aspects of all the strength-training programs are the same.

Research studies show that weighted resistance training is the ideal workout than cardio to burn calories and reduce fat in our body. When we want to spend more time at the gym,  consolidate all type activities into a one that would offer the benefits of cardio as well as weighed resistance activities, depending on what facilities are available at our fitness center. While resting, instead of just sitting down somewhere, we should move around and try some workout on cardio machines  or  practice on the stationary bike, jump rope. Keep all the weights aside, and try more reps without getting over strained and over exhausted.

Fitness Guidelines
  • We need to know our fitness goal and develop own strength training routine to reach that goal. Be patient and maintain consistent strength training routines. Our strength training routines must be regular and consistent in order to get the optimum results.  
  • Take enough rest in between each work out. Adequate rest is required to avoid muscle fatigue and body injury. It is advisable to take at least one-day or even more number of days rest after each strength-training program to get the optimum results from our strength-training program. Eat adequate food, do regular exercise and take enough rest.
  • We need to choose the type of exercises as per the requirement. If we want to make biceps bigger, we have to work out for building muscle strength. 
  • Set different strength training methods for different fitness goals, whether it is for fat reduction, weight gain, hypertrophy, or something else.
  • There is no short cut for success. We have to change our lifestyle, if necessary. We can alter our lifestyle by replacing all our bad habits with healthy and good habits to get the better and faster results. 
  • We need to change our strength training routine in every 4-6 weeks to prevent body exhaustion and to make your overall fitness program more enjoyable. 
  • Seek advice from our fitness expert when we need to make any changes in our routine fitness program. Make some changes after each break and those changes keep us stronger while progressing with our fitness program.
  • Choose workouts that work with all muscle groups. Our strength training routines should work with all the major muscle groups that include biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, abs, quads,  hamstrings and calves – in your body for at least 1 to 3 times per week. 
  • Machine fitness programs are the better options than free weights for specific muscle training. 

The basic idea of these guidelines is to develop the most ideal and safe strength training routine that can make our journey to achieve the desired health and fitness benefits more effective.

Workout Plan and Routines Try Multiple Fitness Programs

If we are very interested in building our body fit and healthy, it is very much necessary to update our knowledge. There are many resources available to gain knowledge about different fitness programs and supplements. One needs to keep updated about the latest fitness programs and supplements available in the market.

There are millions of websites available on the internet that offer plethora of information about modern fitness training programs and supplements. Some of these fitness-training programs are free to download while few others can be downloaded for a price.

How to update our knowledge?
How to enrich our knowledge and update with latest news in fitness training programs, food supplements and related areas? Here are few points.
– Go through the latest news and updates displayed on your fitness club message board always as this can offer you lots of input about latest developments.
– Go through the e-books available on the internet. Learn more about nutrition and body supplements. Watch videos of latest fitness practices and gain more knowledge about the same. Keep a copy of e-books for future reference.

–  Learn about the different training programs and its feasibility. Identify training programs that are most suitable for full gym center or for home where no fitness equipment are available.

–  Have good collection of e-books and normal books on fitness, food supplements, and vitamins. Keep multiple options and resources available to choose for reading. That makes any fitness freak very much updated about the latest trends.

– Become an active member in nearby sports club or fitness club. Participate in all their program and this will help you to network with many fitness experts.

Take the advantage of multiple choices that are available to us always. Do not get stuck with just one type of fitness programs, one type of supplement, or one e-book instead try multiple things.  


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7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Avoid

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care AboutDue to lack of proper training and practice, many people make mistakes while working out at the fitness center. People often rush to finish their workout during weekdays due to their busy schedules and such hurried approach would often become a cause for committing more mistakes during the workout.

We need to check whether are we making the best use of our time when we exercise or are we making some major mistakes that may adversely affect our long-term fitness goal.

What are the effects of Exercise Mistakes? How can we minimize such mistakes?

Exercise mistakes can cause injuries to our body and that eventually become counterproductive to our fitness goal. Workout mistakes could harm our body and affect our overall health.

There are few things that we must do and must not do while working out at a fitness center so that we will reach our ultimate fitness goal without causing any injuries to our body.

What are the Common Exercise Mistakes?

1. Hurry to get results

People usually visit their health centers only when they have some issue with their body weight such as obesity, heavy tummy, etc. or when they want to tone their body and become attractive. When people realized these short-term goals, they often stop continue their workout after that.

Very often, people try to get quick results from their workout program. To get faster results, they often end up choosing exercises that are too difficult and not always matching to their fitness level. This will eventually put their body at risk. (Read: Regular exercise for beginners)

Solution: Start with an exercise plan that considers our current workout regimen. Be patient to see the results and take own time during the workout.

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About2. Set unrealistic Goals

We come across many advertisements about health fitness programs that guarantee quick and unrealistic results in a short period. These are just money making tricks. Do not get carried away by those promises because their promises are very unrealistic to believe.

Nothing can be achieved without working hard at the Gym. Set our fitness goals that can be achieved with our current physical status and workout practices. We need work out a considerable amount of time and need enough rest in between our workout to start seeing some good results in our body. Instead, if we become more aggressive, it can affect your fitness program and harm our body and mind afterwards. ( Read about Fitness and Psychology)

Solution: Set realistic goals that we can achieve.

3. Not Seeking Advice from Experts7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About

We happened to see many men complaining about shoulder pain after benching exercise or back pain after squatting practice. It is very much necessary to keep our doctor and fitness coach in our loop at least for a period of one month or two for us to learn proper exercise technique and program-design strategies suitable for our body. Always ask their opinion and suggestions before starting with any workout programs and while making any changes in between. This will ensure that we are working toward strengthening our body and adding muscle with minimum risk of injuries.

Our doctor can advise us on certain things that are good for our body structure and age. An experienced fitness professional can teach us some of the most effective workout techniques that suits to our body. Following the fitness expert guidance will help us stay away from many such workout injuries.

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care About4. Over Exercising

People often get overwhelmed with the idea of doing exercise and they tend to work out very frequently. Frequent exercising can cause our body gets exhausted very fast. Weak body causes more damages and injuries during the workout.

Taking exercise to the extreme levels can result serious health issues. Some people place exercise as the core of their lives and feel compelled to exercise beyond their limits, in a desperate attempt to burn more calories and get faster results. Compulsive exercisers build their lives around their workout. They get distressed when they are unable to exercise as much as they feel they required to exercise. We need to identify such disorders within us and stay away from such compulsions. Set a realistic approach towards our fitness program and goal. Get help from a certified fitness trainer to determine what exercise is good for us at what level.

Solution: Limit our exercise timings according to our physical conditions and personal constraints.

5. Improper Breathing during exercise

Though breathing is an involuntary function of a body, Proper breathing is very essential during exercise. An experienced fitness professional can teach us how to breathe properly while doing exercise. Improper breathing and lack of oxygen can cause faintness.

When we do aerobic activities like running or swimming, following a right breathing pattern will ensure that all our muscles in action are getting enough oxygen to keep proper contraction during exercise and work better. Proper breathing is central to all types of exercises including yoga, weight lifting, and Pilates. Always breathe through the nose and not through the mouth. Try to breathe too shallowly and be very careful while working out.

Solution: Seek help from fitness experts and learn how to breathe properly.

6. Inappropriate Size Weights

7 Exercise Mistakes That We Should Care AboutChoose the inappropriate size weights for strength training is another mistake that people often commit during their workout. Weight lifting is too heavy to practice. Improper weight can often cause injuries to our body. Using too light weights will make our exercise session very ineffective.

How much weight we can take? 1 RM or 1 Rep Max is the weight that we could lift on during exercise for the first time. In case of strength training program, we should set this weight limit at around 60-70% of Rep Max. How to determine our Rep Max? Find out  the weight that we can lift normally. In normal case, our RM should be not less than 8 times and not more than 15 times of that weight. We can start our exercise with 8 times initially and as we get stronger after few days, we can increase this level up to 15 Rep Max maximum.

Solution: Consult a fitness trainer to determine the suitable amount of weight for our body size, strength and our workout program.

7. Not Drinking Enough Water

Working out at our fitness center can cause lots of water loss due to perspiration. We need to drink lots of liquid and water to keep our body hydrated even when we are not working out. When we exercise, we need to drink more quantity water in order to keep our body hydrated. When workout, men should drink a gallon of water and women should drink almost 3/4 gallon a day to keep the body hydrated well during exercise.

Solution: At the end of every one-hour exercise, drink at least 16 ounces of water. We need to drink at least 1 to 2 cups of water about 30 minutes before we start our exercises.


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