9 Top Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should Follow

Gym Etiquette That We Must Follow

Gym Etiquette

Many companies and employer encourage employees to focus on their fitness and overall health. As we all know that a healthy work force brings more efficient and quality output. Gym Etiquette is very important these days and here we are discussing about the same in detail.

People usually start visiting their local gym in the beginning of New Year and most of these category people continue with their fitness program only up to April. It is very common to see these new comers often make the gym overcrowded and turn the overall atmosphere uncomfortable for many regulars in the gym till April. The reality is that these new comers eventually loose their enthusiasm and stop coming after that couple of months.

Gym Etiquette That We Must Follow These things happen because there is no rule exists to control the number of people who enroll gym. Any number of people can get membership at a gym without any hassles. The only way to get rid of this problem is by changing our timings for work out and following  Gym Etiquette during the workout.

Here are few tips for you. We can reduce these inconveniences by following the best Gym Etiquette practices mentioned below.

  • The most preferred timings for a workout is at night after 7 P.M. It is an ideal timing for regulars to workout without much crowd.
  • Always use a towel while using any fitness equipment. We need to keep a clean and fresh towel between body and the fitness machines when we work on that machine. Wipe down the machine surface thoroughly after you finished using it. It will make the machine surface clean and does not cause any inconvenience to other people.
  • Use weights very carefully. Do not drop the weights on the ground directly enough to make a loud clang as that can be distressing to other members. Make sure that we return the weights to the correct place on the racks when we are finished with them.
  • Gym Etiquette That We Must Follow Do not constantly ask people if they have finished using a machine when they are sill exercising on it. It will certainly annoy them, so stay away from such practices. Avoid go over the time limits that we set on the particular machine. Stick with the time limit set with that machine.
  • Avoid chatting with people and standing in large group when there is a machine in use. Switch off your cell phone while you are working out.
  • Avoid screaming or make any loud gestures when you are about to go for your best lift. There are many other members in the center concentrating on their activities. It is OK to exhale loudly as you contract the muscles during your set.
  • Avoid over using the water fountain at the Gym center.
  • Never leave towel or other personal belongings lying on a bench or on any equipment when you are not using it.
  • Last but not the least; follow the code of conduct of the gym center.

Fitness Psychology

Fitness Psychology

Fitness PsychologyWe all affected by emotions in day and night. In every process, the involvement of mind is necessary to get the proper results. Whatever activities you do to reduce body weight, you need to set your subconscious mind to achieve the same.

It is not logic but our programmed emotional state controls our behavior in most of the times in our life. We may face many obstacles that can dampen our spirit and under perform in our  fitness activities. Sports people generally go through these type obstacles at certain points of their career and they usually overcome this with the help of a sports psychologists.

We need to train ourselves to combat such obstacles that we face during our fitness training program. Proper mental health training can enhance our performance in workout sessions. Choose activities that we enjoy doing regularly. It means that, we ought to have some emotionally compelling reason to stick with an exercise and continue with it every day. We have to evaluate our fitness goal regularly and work on to achieve it. Our compelling reason to stay with our fitness program could be to get good body shape.

Gym Etiquette and Fitness PsychologyNever compare our performance with others. Just analyze our own performance and try to make changes as required. Comparing our progress with some one else at the fitness center is not going to help us in any way but deviate our focus. Always compete with your own performance.

When we make a decision to become health and fit, it takes just few seconds for us to make that decision. However, it actually takes a couple of weeks for us to inculcate habits that eventually equip us to achieve our results.

Subconscious mind: How it works?

The subconscious mind records all our feelings that we come across so far in our life. These emotions include whatever we have seen or felt and whatever we have smelled, heard, or tasted so far. Our subconscious mind simply accumulates this information and organizes. These stored data in our subconscious mind determine how we will respond to recurring circumstances in our daily life afterwards.

Once your subconscious mind has taken certain information and formed it into a program, it will devote its considerable power to the continuation of that programmed behavior or habit, irrespective of its consequences. Actually, this subconscious programming only let people do those automatic things like driving a car, using computer and so on.

If our subconscious had not stored these details in the form of a program, it would not be possible to do these things so flawlessly and automatically. Unfortunately, these subconscious programs sometimes do not work properly.

Fitness psychologyUsually in the early period of our life, some of us were programmed to eat poorly or enjoy pleasure doing certain things like smoking, or drinking. When we begin to realize the consequences of these habits at later point, we are unable to do anything with our subconscious mind to get rid of this habit.  

To cut it short, it is very important to take control of our mind before proceed with our fitness plan. Let our plan be anything, unless our mind is not under our control and have positive thoughts, we would find it difficult to get over the obstacles and achieve our goals. Be positive, plan ahead and we will hit our target!


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