5 Top Fitness Tips That You Should Watch Out For

5 Top Fitness Tips

5 Fitness Tips

Are you not getting good results from your daily workout even after many months? There may be something wrong. The ideal thing that we should do is to find an expert fitness trainer to show us the way. However, if we do not want to go for a personal trainer and prefer to do it all alone, then the best thing that we can do is to follow tips provided by the best personal trainers out there.

Following are 5 top fitness tips to get effective results from our regular fitness program. These are simple fitness tips that anyone can follow during the workout. These tips would help us to reach our fitness target fast and safe.

5 Top Fitness Tips1. Eat Well: Though it is not correct, many people think that it is necessary to eat less to bring down fat contents in our body. Both overeating and inadequate eating can harm our body health and fitness.

Eating a healthy and balance diet provides all the nutrients required to our body engaged in our sport activity. Balanced diet includes combination of all type of foods. Active sports people should give attention to the following things.

Drink a lot of water and fluids

Drink enough water and fluids to avoid dehydration. Never wait for getting thirsty to sip water but drink lots of water and keep the body hydrated all the time. Consume more water before and after exercise. Keep a water bottle near the workout area as it will make easy for us to fetch water during workout. In case we work longer hours at Gym, then consume  fruit juice and dry fruits at the beginning or during the exercise to gain more energy.

Eat lots of wholegrain breads, fruits, green vegetables, cereals and dry fruits. Also include a lot of carbohydrate in our diet.

5 Top Fitness TipsWe need consume lots of carbohydrate rich food to fuel energy to our body. When we exercise more and burn more energy than usual, then we need to take more quantity carbohydrate to compensate the energy lost during the workout. Starchy foods are a main source of energy and nutrients in our diet.

The amount of carbohydrate required for our body depends on our activity level, type of our exercise we do, duration of exercise and other related factors. Bread, rice, brown rice, potato, and cereals are rich sources of starchy carbohydrates. The quantity of starchy food that we need to take every day should be at least one third of the total quantity food that we eat; it means that we have to make our base meals on these foods.

Eat variety of fruits and vegetables daily to source enough vitamins and minerals to our body. Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits can minimize the risk of heart ailments, some forms of cancer, stroke and related complications. Include banana, dry fruits and apple in our  meal every day.

5 Top Fitness TipsConsume milk, lean meat, fish, eggs, pulses and yoghurt at moderate level.

Meat, eggs and fish are rich sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Protein is very essential for cell growth and cell repair. Meat should be cooked very thoroughly before consumption. Use only lean cut, skin out, fat free meat. Consume fish once or twice in a week.

  • Eat enough quantity food for the level of activity that we engage regularly. We will not able to keep up with our exercise activities if we eat only little food.
  • Choose the right kind of exercise based on our weight, interest, our fitness goal and stamina.
  • Maintain a proper timings for meals in order to keep energy levels up.

2. Our body goes in to a salvation mode when not enough food is fed to the body consistently. To keep the metabolism running smoothly, we need to take at least five or six light meals at regular intervals every day instead of one or two heavy meals. Control portion size of meals. (Read: Healthy Ways to Eat)

3. Focus: We need to be very focused on our physical activity during the workout. It is perfectly 5 Top Fitness Tipsfine to socialize with people around, but at the same time keep full attention on our activity. Understand our fitness objective very well to get the best results.(Read: Workout Plan)

Here are few tips to stay focused while exercising.

  • Play some good music on mp3 player through out the exercise schedule. Music is a great way to motivate us during exercise and it also help us stay focused.
  • Make a plan for each day’s work out. This will help us to become more organized with our time.
  • Set your own fitness goal and try to achieve them. Reward yourself when you achieve a particular milestone in your fitness goal.
  • Do not use cell phone for calling or sending text messages while working out at Gym. Stay away from all instant distractions and concentrate on workout.
  • Do not compare our fitness practices with others in the Gym. Do not listen to other members opinions and suggestions. Always follow instructions of a trained and qualified professional there.
  • Do not focus on what every others are doing in the Gym. Such things will only slow down our exercise activities.

4. We need to keep a track of body fat percentage at different periods and monitor the performance of our fitness program. Analyze the performance periodically and see how far we stand from the required level of fitness. There are many ways we can measure body fat percentage.

5 Top Fitness TipsSkin Fold Caliper: Here we can measure our body fat percentage by pinching fat with our fingers and then measure the thickness with a body fat caliper. Body fat caliper reading are given in millimeters. We can analyze this reading – using a chart with age and gender – to find out our body fat percentage.  Although this test requires few skilled fitness professionals, we get more accurate and dependable result.

Besides this, some of the other ways to measure body fat percentage are Anthropometric, Hydrostatic Weighing, DEXA Scan and Bioelectric Impedance Analysis.

5. Seek guidance from fitness expert when required. Unless we do proper planning and regular monitoring, it is difficult to get the desired results on time. It is better to involve our fitness instructor in every steps of our fitness program that include planning fitness program activities, setting fitness goals, evaluating fitness performance, diet management and so on. When someone out there to guide us with all resources, we naturally become motivated and energetic. Make use of these professionals’ service better and get familiar with the right way of fitness activities and make our way towards our goal.

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