Fitness and Health

Fitness and Health

Physical fitness is a fine-tuning of body and something similar to an engine fine-tuning for smooth and efficient running. Perfect body figure is achieved through regular work out and balanced diet. Regular workout improves the overall working condition of heart, lungs, body muscles, and other important parts of the body.

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Fitness and HealthThe human body is a motion machine. Every human body is designed to move and it is meant for it. Each part of our body is designed to do certain functions and actions. Hence, it is necessary to do regular exercise in order to keep body fit and healthy.

Our legs are meant for walking and running not just to keep idle without much movement. If there is no possibility to run or walk in the routine work schedule, then it is better to find some time for a walk and/or leg exercise during free hours. Remember, sitting too long without much activity for legs could weak leg muscles and stamina.

It will also affect overall blood circulation in the body that may leads to many ailments and physical problems later. Fitness and HealthMost people aware about the importance of keeping body fit but they actually do not find time for regular workout. In the modern work environment, we have very little scope for physical movements while carrying out day-to-day activities.

Technological advancement encroached in our daily life. New technologies have made our life easier but badly affect our health as the present work style reduced our physical movements.

Here are some of the most important benefits of regular workout:

  1. Regular workout enhances the efficiency of human body to fight against viruses that spread diseases. Sunlight on skin during exercise  helps body produce vitamin D which is essential to our body. More information: Regular Exercise Benefits.
  2. Regular workout increases oxygen flow that add many benefits to our body and brain. Our memory and metal alertness improves when we work out every day.
  3. Physical Exercise improves human body physically as well as mentally. Regular workout can relieve tension, depression, and anger. Our mental strength and alertness of body improves. As regular workout becomes a part of our routine, we experience progress in general well-being over a period.
  4. Physical exercise improves our immunity system that decreases the risk of falling ill and protect us from many deadly diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart attack.
  5. Regular work out can bring down our blood pressure and bad cholesterol and thereby reduce heart ailments and related diseases. To some extend, by doing regular exercise we can effectively control our blood pressure without the help of any anti hypertensive medicines.

Fitness and HealthOur body slowly loose its strength and stamina when we don’t engage with any physical activities regularly. Research studies shows that each hour of regular exercise can extend our life expectancy for additional two hours. Brisk walking everyday for 30 minutes can really make a change in our life. 30 minutes of moderate activity is beneficial to our overall body health.

Few added benefits of regular exercise

  • Regular exercise keeps our body weight under control.
  • Want to quite smoking? Regular work out can help us in the game.
  • Regular exercise boost our energy level, improve mental strength, self image, and optimism and maintain our independence.
  • Regular work out reduces coronary heart disease in women.
  • Daily workout improves the good cholesterol (HDL) levels in our body.
  • Regular workout on every day can strengthen our bones and reduce bone loss. Our muscle strength increases as we keep exercise every day and our physical strength improves considerably.
  • Physical exercise helps us sleep better.
  • Regular exercise benefits people of all ages. Senior citizens can  safeguard themselves from chronic diseases associated with their age and lead quality life if they engage in simple exercise activities everyday.
Regular exercise for older people

As we get older, maintaining a regular exercise routine can be a big challenge due to illness, concerns about injuries or age related health problems. Many older people has no clue about where to start. They are often get discouraged by their own negative thoughts and concerns build up in their mind as they get older.

Fitness and HealthExercise can energize these old people’s mind, improve immunity, relieve stress and help them manage their illness well. If planned well, they can make regular exercise a fun-filled activity when they do it with family members or friends. Strength training helps to control the symptoms of arthritis and other chronic conditions. Exercise improves their strength, flexibility and posture and that help with balance and reduce the risk of falls and related injuries. 9 Top Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should follow

Tips to get started

  1. Consult with the family doctor before starting an exercise program. Most old aged people have one or other age related issues. In such cases, one needs to get a doctor’s opinion about the activities that these old people can follow and the activities they should avoid in their daily workout routine. It is important to get medical clearance from a doctor first.
  2. Consider present health conditions before deciding on the type of workouts. Get family doctor’s opinion about it. For example, in case of diabetics, they have to adjust the timing of their meal and medication when setting an exercise plan. Keep a watch on their condition during the work out. If they are uncomfortable with any particular type of activity, and if they experience any pain or shortness of breath, then just ask them to stop that activity immediately.
  3. Do not start exercise all of sudden. Start light activities in the beginning and proceed slowly. Warm up before starting exercise and follow the correct cooling down procedures. Drink enough water to prevent fatigue. Make regular exercise a habit. Make their fitness activities enjoyable with some fun-filled activities. Read about common Exercise Mistakes here
  4. The right type exercise should always energize people. In case any particular exercise makes old people lousy, then ask them to stop such activity immediately. If they experience any pain,  short of breath, or any sort of uneasiness, then take them to the doctor immediately.
  5. Focus on short-term goals and maintain a positive mindset. It is very important to keep mentally motivated with positive mindset.

This blog has more than 20 articles posted that carry useful fitness tips. I hope readers find these articles helpful and handy. For any questions or suggestions, post in the comment box below.

9 Top Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should follow

Message to readers:  
This blog is written with an aim to offer few useful  tips on exercise and related areas. I am not a fitness expert but I have done extensive research on this subject and prepared articles based on my studies and experience. I am convinced about the facts mentioned in these articles  however; it is up to the reader to follow them. 
Articles in this blog site are intended to guide people and offer basic tips on fitness and related topics. The author of this blog will not held responsible for any loss caused due to implementation of tips mentioned in this bog without any further research.

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5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on Vacations

5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit On Vacations

5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on VacationsRavi, an engineer from Hyderabad, has all necessary fitness equipment at home. He exercise regularly through out the year except during 30 days summer vacation that he usually spend with parents in his village.

He is very active even during his vacation days. However, due to lack of regular workout everyday, he often put on some extra weight by the time his vacation period is over. He has to workout little extra post vacation to reduce excess weight accumulated during his holiday. It is very common, and many of us face the same kind of situation at one point or another. How to overcome this? Fitness vacation is the answer.

How to Keep Fit on Vacations?

Everyone love vacations because it is the time we could spend enough time with family and that is the main purpose of a vacation. If we pay little bit attention in planning vacation, we can lead healthy lifestyle even during our vacation. How will we do that?

Pre-Vacation Planning

— Check whether the place we stay offers facilities like swimming pool, gym, enough space to exercise and easy accessibility to them.

— Check if the hotel offers any recreational activities such as trail biking, inline skating, parks, walking, and jogging paths.

— Understand the type of exercise clothes and accessories require during the stay at hotel in advance so that we can prepare for the same.

5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on VacationsWhat type exercise should we practice during vacation?

Spend at least 30 minutes to do some normal body exercises. Just continue doing the same for first few days regularly.If our vacation includes long drive, then doing some brisk walking for some time at each rest stop would be a great idea. 

Use simple workout equipment that can easily be carried along. Jump rope and Rubber resistance are some of the simplest fitness equipment that cost less and very easy to carry too. Jump rope exercises can protect us from many cardiovascular diseases and heart ailments. Use Rubber resistance bands or tubing for strength training. 

Try push-ups, squats, lunges and other abdominal exercises that require no equipment to practice.Use box jumps or any similar type workouts on bed, if it is available at our hotel. Do stretch practice everyday.Talk with the family members about different ways of fitness methods and decide on the ideal workout program for each member.  

Keep a log of all workout practiced on daily basis.Encourage accompanying family members to follow the practice everyday. If we have commitment and patience, it is not that difficult to maintain our body during vacation.   Following are some of the most convenient exercises that require no equipment. Even if we don’t carry any equipment with us, we can still carry on with these activities!  

Push up5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on Vacations

Push up is one of the most common and popular outdoor exercises. This exercise lost its popularity among the youth nowadays as varieties of stylish chest press machines and fleets entered our market.  

We can do this exercise little easier by elevating our hands or we can make it little harder by elevating our feet to some extend as well. Then there are Bounce and Clap Push Ups, which are harder and recommended only to experienced people. 

Advantages of Push up
  • Push up workout requires no equipment so there is no cost.
  • Push up is one of the most effective upper body exercises.
  • Push up is still popular among fitness freaks, especially the sports persons.
  • Three main varieties of Push up movements- Standard Grip, Wide Grip, and Close Grip – ensure enough stimulation to the chest, shoulders and triceps.  

SquatsFitness Vacation - Squats

Squat is a wonderful outdoor exercise and many people do not realize about its effectiveness. Very few people know the proper way of doing squat exercise and those who know are just lazy to practice the same.  

Different varieties of squats are in practice.   Standing squats, Plie Squats, One leg Squats, Wide-Stance Squats, Overhead Squats are the most common squats in practice these days although there are few more in this category. 

Advantages of Squats
  • Squats exercise increase muscle mass and strength in all areas of our body.
  • These exercises improve our digestion and help us to remove waste from the body.
  • The squat exercise improves the fluids flow in our body that eases the passing of waste through bowels.
  • Squats exercise is very effective to burn more fat so it is a perfect exercise to reduce weight. 
  • Squats exercise can strengthen our leg muscles that enable us to prevent any type of weaknesses there and increase the strength for performing other activities.  


This outdoor exercise if we do perfectly, will improve each muscle in our legs at some point through the movement. Following are some of the advantages of Lunge exercise.

–  Lunge strengthens leg muscles and buttock muscles at the same time.

– Lunge exercise requires no equipment to practice. Different methods of Lunge exercises are in practice and they are,

  • Standing Lunges
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Elevated Lunges
  • Rear Lunges
  • Walking Lunges

We can choose one of the options based on our comfort level. 5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on Vacations

Step Ups

Step Ups are one of the great outdoor exercises.Step us is practiced by just step up onto our elevated surface and then step down. Repeat the same on the other side altering back and forth. We get enough exercises for our leg muscles and cardiovascular systems. Step up, a popular workout among sports people, is a good outdoor exercise that anyone can practice easily.

Advantages of Step up
  • This workout requires no equipment so there is no cost. We just need a bench and a piece of playground equipment or a large size rock to perform this exercise.
  • Step up is a very good cardiovascular workout and many fitness experts are recommending it.
  • Step up requires no equipment or assistance hence, any one can practice this exercise easily.
Fitness Vacation- Chin upChin up

Chin up is another good outdoor exercise. We can perform Chin up using a low hanging tree branch or any playground equipment.We need to bring our body up completely until our chin is above our hands. Repeat this exercise as many number as possible.

Advantages of Chin up
  • Chin up improves the strength of our back muscles and prevent back injury and pain.
  • This exercise is good for those who want to build strong physique. Chin up is a good exercise for people who do carry heavy items or heavy weights.
  • Chin up exercise improves the rate of metabolism as we get more muscle mass build up in our body.
  • Chin ups exercise are the most effective ways to increase arm strength. Chin ups makes our arms muscles stronger and thereby increase our functional strength.
  • Chin up should include in our daily fitness schedule as it is one of the best ways to increase lean body mass.

These are the most common outdoor exercises. Outdoor exercise is always a good option especially when we don’t have access to any fitness equipment or when we are unable go to a fitness center every day.    

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Regular Exercise Benefits

Regular exercise Benefits

Regular physical activities is necessary to keep one fit and healthy. When I mentioned about regular activities, I meant those simple exercises such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, aerobic etc .These simple activities, if practiced regularly, can improve our body strength and fitness considerably.Regular exercise Benefits

Benefits of Regular Exercise

1. Improve physical posture and personality: Regular exercise can prevent getting overweight and help maintain weight loss. Regular workout will bring us the right body posture and shape. It is not necessary to spent long hours doing exercise to get weight loss benefits instead, do exercise regularly and be active throughout the day.

2. Boost our self-confidence: Regular workout improve our body look, shape and self confidence. Workout at the Gym or a brisk walking can help us reduce stress level and emotionally strong. Regular physical activity will help us to relax better. We feel better about our appearance and that can be a boost to our self-esteem.

3. Strong body and strong mind will guard us against future illnesses: Regular exercise help us maintain strong body and strong mind and combat diseases. By doing regular exercise, we can control our blood pressure, bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and unhealthy triglycerides effectively. Simple regular exercises are suggested for wide range of health ailments that include stroke, metabolic syndrome, depression, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

4. Exercises regularly to strengthen bones and joints: Engaged in regular physical activity can help to maintain our bone joints better and keep them strong.

5. Routine exercises improve the efficiency of our cardiovascular system and keep our heart strong and healthy. Regular exercise can improve good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Regular exercise and proper dieting can keep us healthy and live long. This will also keep your doctor away for years. Start with some light exercise activities such as light walking in the morning and evenings initially. Do not overdo your exercise anyway. Do walking just to get your body warmer, nothing more.

6. Get better sleep: Do exercise on everyday and that can help you sleep faster. Never do exercise before going to bed as that can make us more energetic and unable to sleep.

7. Improves Sex life: Regular physical activities can bring in more energy and confidence, that create a lot of positive impact on our sex life. Men and women who exercise regularly can get away from their common sexual problems.

Many of us practice only indoor exercises to reduce weight or just to keep fit when working out at fitness centers. We often ignore the importance of outdoor exercises in our fitness program. In fact, many outdoor exercises are very effective and require no fitness equipment.
Following are the most effective and useful outdoor exercise methods. We require no equipment to carry out these exercise methods. Read 5 Top Outdoor Exercises To Keep Your Body Fit on Vacations for more information about these exercise methods and their benefits.
  • Push up
  • Squats
  • Lunge
  • Step Ups
  • Chin ups

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise?

  • No need to go to our gym. 
  • Our body is exposed to sunlight while doing outdoor exercises. Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D that keeps our skin healthy.
  • Very limited number of fitness equipment is required for any good outdoor workout so only less investment is required.
  • No special clothing is required to workout.
  • You get very fresh and cool air during your outdoor exercises.
  • You do not have to spend time at crowded gyms.

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Top Workout Plan and Routines

Workout Plan and Routines

More and more people are aware of the importance of fitness programs and its role in keeping body fit and healthy. Many people are unhappy with their body shape and desperate to good body posture. They are ready to spend good money for the right kind of solution and make their body toned the way they always aspired.

How to Plan our Workout?

Though there are plenty of fitness programs available, it is very difficult to mention which program is the best of all. Each individual may find one or other fitness program is the best depending on that person’s physical and biological factors.

Workout Plan and Routines Even if we choose one of the most effective fitness programs, we may still not be able to achieve our desired results unless we have dedication and passion to work out on regular basis without any break in between.

For effective results from our workout, we need to follow the points mentioned below.

  • We need to be focused and discipline. Set our fitness goal for each period.
  • We need to be very organized in our activities. We have to plan well for the time required for our fitness programs. It is better to change our fitness practice timings on each week depending on our work schedule.
  • Good time management is necessary to keep perfect balance between our fitness practice schedule and other daily routine works.

These steps will make our daily workout more effective and enjoyable. When we begin enjoying our fitness program, we develop an interest to continue with it and make it a part our daily schedule.

Workout Plan and RoutinesWorkout Routines

Every personal fitness trainer may have different views about the ways of strength training routine. However, the fundamental aspects of all the strength-training programs are the same.

Research studies show that weighted resistance training is the ideal workout than cardio to burn calories and reduce fat in our body. When we want to spend more time at the gym,  consolidate all type activities into a one that would offer the benefits of cardio as well as weighed resistance activities, depending on what facilities are available at our fitness center. While resting, instead of just sitting down somewhere, we should move around and try some workout on cardio machines  or  practice on the stationary bike, jump rope. Keep all the weights aside, and try more reps without getting over strained and over exhausted.

Fitness Guidelines
  • We need to know our fitness goal and develop own strength training routine to reach that goal. Be patient and maintain consistent strength training routines. Our strength training routines must be regular and consistent in order to get the optimum results.  
  • Take enough rest in between each work out. Adequate rest is required to avoid muscle fatigue and body injury. It is advisable to take at least one-day or even more number of days rest after each strength-training program to get the optimum results from our strength-training program. Eat adequate food, do regular exercise and take enough rest.
  • We need to choose the type of exercises as per the requirement. If we want to make biceps bigger, we have to work out for building muscle strength. 
  • Set different strength training methods for different fitness goals, whether it is for fat reduction, weight gain, hypertrophy, or something else.
  • There is no short cut for success. We have to change our lifestyle, if necessary. We can alter our lifestyle by replacing all our bad habits with healthy and good habits to get the better and faster results. 
  • We need to change our strength training routine in every 4-6 weeks to prevent body exhaustion and to make your overall fitness program more enjoyable. 
  • Seek advice from our fitness expert when we need to make any changes in our routine fitness program. Make some changes after each break and those changes keep us stronger while progressing with our fitness program.
  • Choose workouts that work with all muscle groups. Our strength training routines should work with all the major muscle groups that include biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, abs, quads,  hamstrings and calves – in your body for at least 1 to 3 times per week. 
  • Machine fitness programs are the better options than free weights for specific muscle training. 

The basic idea of these guidelines is to develop the most ideal and safe strength training routine that can make our journey to achieve the desired health and fitness benefits more effective.

Workout Plan and Routines Try Multiple Fitness Programs

If we are very interested in building our body fit and healthy, it is very much necessary to update our knowledge. There are many resources available to gain knowledge about different fitness programs and supplements. One needs to keep updated about the latest fitness programs and supplements available in the market.

There are millions of websites available on the internet that offer plethora of information about modern fitness training programs and supplements. Some of these fitness-training programs are free to download while few others can be downloaded for a price.

How to update our knowledge?
How to enrich our knowledge and update with latest news in fitness training programs, food supplements and related areas? Here are few points.
– Go through the latest news and updates displayed on your fitness club message board always as this can offer you lots of input about latest developments.
– Go through the e-books available on the internet. Learn more about nutrition and body supplements. Watch videos of latest fitness practices and gain more knowledge about the same. Keep a copy of e-books for future reference.

–  Learn about the different training programs and its feasibility. Identify training programs that are most suitable for full gym center or for home where no fitness equipment are available.

–  Have good collection of e-books and normal books on fitness, food supplements, and vitamins. Keep multiple options and resources available to choose for reading. That makes any fitness freak very much updated about the latest trends.

– Become an active member in nearby sports club or fitness club. Participate in all their program and this will help you to network with many fitness experts.

Take the advantage of multiple choices that are available to us always. Do not get stuck with just one type of fitness programs, one type of supplement, or one e-book instead try multiple things.  


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Home Fitness

Workout at home

Home fitness is catching up very fast amongst fitness freaks. Having a full-fledged fitness system at home is cool. There are many advantages of home fitness. The result depends on the type of fitness equipment we use and the commitment to follow the home fitness schedule. It is possible to achieve the same results if we are committed to our plan.

Due to lack of motivation and discipline, people often find it difficult to sustain with their home fitness workouts for long. The best thing that we can do is to enlist a partner for our fitness workout program. Such move will help us enjoy our workout and encourage us to do better. We  stay motivated and continue with our exercise routine when we have someone to accompany with us.

Workout at homeWhat type of exercises that we can include in our home fitness program? Home fitness exercises work on the same fundamentals and focus on the same muscle groups. Lack of space at home for fitness practice should not deter us from going ahead with our plan. There are many fitness workouts that we can try with simple tools and get better results. For example, we can use Swiss ball or resistance bands to get a whole body workout.

We can get lots of ideas from workout videos and book. Keep a stock of some good workout videos and try some new workout methods presented there. Workout videos provides a great source of information and guide us through our fitness program. Some of the fitness DVDs such as P90X® presents some useful fitness tips and demonstrate how to prepare for a workout are really worth a try. Always engage our fitness partner in all fitness activities that we experiment and practice.

Workout at homeWorkout videos are dependable and will be of great help when we don’t have any instructor or guide to show us the right way. Fitness videos can teach us new exercise methods and encourage us to continue with our fitness schedule. However, beware of fitness DVDs that misguide us with false promises and offers. Always purchase the fitness videos produced by a reputed brand/company.

Ensure that the promises offered by these fitness videos have some scientific validity. We can get better information about trending fitness videos from people who are already using it. Follow through their reviews and experience. Workout videos that offer not just core fitness activities are better choice. Choose videos that offer assured results for our efforts. P90X® video promises results in short period provided if we follow their tight work schedule. In their program they change exercises regularly to make muscles size growing.

Keep our motivation level up. Take photographs of body at different intervals and phases as our fitness program progresses. See the difference in each photograph. Take pictures from front, back and side and paste these pictures on wall. We really get motivated by the improvement shown in these photos taken at different stages of our fitness program. This will not only boost our confidence but also help us achieve better.

Workout at homeAdvantages of Home Fitness

  • Home fitness can save our time and money in the long run.
  • We do not need to drive down to our fitness center in the heavy traffic so we will be less stressed.
  • We can train ourselves without any hassles of finding time to be at our fitness center. Thus we will have better control with our fitness activities.
  • We can add more fun to our fitness practices by including our family members. This will encourage our family members also to join us for regular workout.
  • We will able to train our kids on various fitness equipment and practices.
  • Home fitness atmosphere is flexible so our family members can use it when they want.

Disadvantages of Home Fitness

  • Setting up a full fledged home fitness needs lots of research and plan.
  • It requires good planning, dedication and knowledge to make a perfect fitness system at home.
  • We need to be very disciplined and committed to programmed fitness methods to get the desired results.
  • We need to work hard and self-motivated.
  • Our fitness training ought to be tailored to suit our needs and goals. We need to consider this matter while setting up our home fitness system. Rushing to start a fitness-training program without proper education, support, and professional help could only be a disaster in the long-term.
Workout at homeHow to set up our Home Fitness?

Home fitness is a good option, especially for busy people. We have already gone through some of the major advantages and disadvantages of a Home fitness and we are now ready to move on to set up one. But how to go about it? Here are few tips that we can follow.

  • Visit any good gym in our area and walk around there. Understand the fitness practices followed there and the kind of equipment used there. Work out the approximate cost to acquire all necessary fitness equipment from the market.
  • Talk to personal trainers over there and build a rapport with them. Seek their opinion and advice about starting a home fitness. An experienced personal trainer can give us enough inputs about fitness equipment, good fitness practices, and other valuable suggestions related to home fitness in detail.
  • If we have not gone through any fitness training recently, we must then seek help from a certified fitness trainer. Our fitness trainer could help us to plan an ideal fitness program for us that is non-intimidating, enjoyable and results oriented at the same time.
  • We should have a proper time bound fitness plan. If we do not have a genuine fitness plan, then home fitness is not going to give us good results.
  • Different types of home fitness equipment are available these days. We can choose the right one based on the feasibility, our age, our fitness level and our budget. To get the most advantage, get guidance from professionally qualified fitness instructor. If we start working with our fitness trainer regularly, we are surely going to hit our fitness target faster.
  • Use internet to search for information about home fitness and related topics. Do extensive research at our level before setting up a home fitness.
  • Consult with your dietitian, in case your goal is to cut excess body weight. An experienced dietitian can help us to set suitable dieting system according to our physical and medical characteristics. 

A fitness plan with proper dieting schedule can bring us the best results earliest.  



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