Life Fitness and Sears Treadmills

Life Fitness and Sears Treadmills
Life Fitness TreadmillLife Fitness treadmills have been designed in such a way that they fit well in any type of home. Not just that, Life Fitness treadmills are affordable to fit to the pocket of many people who wants to set up a home fitness. Not to surprise, these treadmills are being used by many world champion athletes, top sports people, military personnel, and health club members for many years.Types of Life Fitness Treadmills
There are two lines of Life Fitness treadmills: Life Fitness Cardio type and Life Fitness Sport Cardio type.
Life Fitness Cardio type: This model comes with seven different options, namely, T3, T3i, T5, T5i, T7, and T9i/e. T3 –series treadmills are basic models. There are two choices in this category, T3 and T3i. Both these models offer varieties of features. Some of these models display elapsed time, distance, speed, incline, heart rate, calories per hour, and calories burnt details. Both T3 and T3i models are capable to accommodate speeds up to 10 miles per hour and an incline of 15%. Life Fitness treadmills in the T5 series offer all the features of T3 series treadmills. However, the T-5 series treadmills offer some added advantages over T-3 series treadmills.
Life Fitness and Sears Treadmills
Life Fitness Sport Cardio type: This model Life fitness treadmills comes with two options.  T –series life fitness treadmills are commercial type and is widely recommended by many leading health magazines. Almost all model Life Fitness treadmill offers lifetime warranty on its frame and shock absorbers, fifteen years warranty on the motor, three years warranty on electrical and mechanical parts and one-year warranty on labor.
Life Fitness and Sears TreadmillsThe T9-series Life Fitness treadmill offers lifetime warranty on the motor and ten years warranty on electrical and mechanical parts. Overall, it is not a bad idea to add a Life Fitness treadmill to our home fitness center. It is very much recommended that we understand all its features and options available before we start using it.

Users should always make sure that they are comfortable with their Life Fitness treadmill device before they start running on it. Choose Life fitness treadmills that come with motors having high continuous duty rating and long warranty period. A Life Fitness treadmill can get users well on their way to fitness. Different workout options are available with this equipment and even the basic model treadmills come with many advanced features with which users would never get bored.

The cardiovascular fitness model treadmills come with many advanced features too. Life Fitness treadmills have excellent life span and they are definitely a great piece of exercise equipment that we can buy for our home fitness center.

Life Fitness and Sears TreadmillsTreadmill : Sears

Sears treadmills are very popular because of its unique features. Sears Treadmill is available for personal or commercial purpose. Many individual have already bought treadmills for thier homes. Sear is one of the most popular retailers of treadmill and other fitness equipments of leading brand. Lifestyler, proform and Nordic Track are some of the popular brand they deal.

Life Fitness and Sears TreadmillsAdvantages of Sears Treadmills

Varieties of Treadmills are offered for personal and commercial purpose to match the requirements of people and their lifestyle, budget, and fitness levels. Sears treadmills are cost effective as they are economically priced. (See the current price: Sears Treadmills)

  • There are many leading brands to choose.
  • Most of the Sears treadmills for home purpose come with a lifetime warranty for its electronics parts, motor, belt, deck, frames and one-year warranty for services.
  • Quality, reliability, and affordability are some of the major advantages of Sears treadmills.
  • Sears Treadmills offers ideal fitness equipment for all kind of people.
  • Sears treadmill is easy to use and that is one of its other unique advantages. It has all modern features but all are very easy to operate.
  • Sears treadmill can be used very effectively to combat cardiovascular diseases and other health complications.

Users need to ensure that they pick the right type of treadmill that meets all necessary specifications required by the user. Sears treadmills are reasonably priced and one can find the suitable model within the budget limit. Sears Treadmill offers years of worry-free fitness program with less investment. 


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Body Building And Strength Training Program

Body Building And Strength Training Program

Body Building And Strength Training ProgramMore and more people become over-weighed in this world just because of changing lifestyle, food and high stress level. Ironically, this number is increasing every year despite the fact that people in today’s world have access to better medical technologies and facilities.

How to combat the problems caused because of changing lifestyle and food? How to get better results from our fitness programs?

It is necessary that we ought to maintain our diet and stress level to keep our body fit and perfect. Here are few top tips and ideas to get perfect results:

  • Do Yoga or any meditation regularly to combat daily life stress and stay away from all worries and problems.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • If a particular area of your body is weaker than our main body, then we should begin our exercise program with a general fitness plan that includes stretching, aerobic activity, and strength training. Include these activities in our fitness program  to get the best result.
  • We need not hesitate from enrolling for a fitness program even if we are aged. Any adult who is healthy and fit can go for suitable fitness programs irrespective of age, physical characteristics, or the several days elapsed after we stopped doing exercises.
  • Never think that it is too late for any type of fitness program that we want to practice. Our body will be automatically adjusted to the kind of fitness activities that we practice.

Body Building

Body Building And Strength Training ProgramTo cut the excess weight in the whole body or any body part, different methods of exercises are suggested. But how should we go about when we are under weighted and need to gain some weight to keep our BMI (Body Mass Index) to the right level? Practicing weight lifting and few weight gaining exercises are the options to gain weight.

We need to work hard to get good results. Never get carried away by the advertisements in magazines and newspapers that offer quick results by popping some “weight gain pills” without taking the trouble of working out at gym.

Muscle building process is different in every person. Our ability to build muscles in our body is dependent on how much protein our body can synthesize based on our testosterone levels, insulin sensitivity, stress level, and few other factors.

Here are few safe weight gaining practice tips.

  • Find a qualified trainer to help us on this task to choose suitable exercise methods and exercise equipment for our fitness program.
  • Set our diet with the help of our fitness trainer and dietitian.
  • Include dishes that are compatible with our body’s metabolism.
  • Practice some type of exercises that can improve the condition of Testosterone and Growth of hormone in our body. (Do not exert to lift any heavy weight for more than 45 minutes)
  • Eat plenty of organic foods. Stay away from junk foods such as burgers, pizzas and other fast-food items. Try green vegetable salads, fresh fruit juices, and raw vegetables instead.
  • Avoid any type of weight gaining exercises if we are undergoing treatments for any cardiovascular diseases.
Body Building And Strength Training Program
  • Weight lifting is good for gaining some extra weight provided if we practice it regularly along with enough food supplements.
  • Choose our weight according to our genetic makeup and muscle fiber type. If our body is an athlete type, then consider adding little more weight than normal but only after taking a fitness expert’s opinion.
  • Avoid artificial supplements and pills. Rely on natural resources to get enough vitamins and minerals for our body. Make sure enough supplements are provided to our body at every time as that will avoid exhaustion due to lack of energy and strength.
Strength Training Program

Strength training exercises enhance the muscle size and strength. There are different types of strength training programs in general for both men and women. In addition to this, there are specific strength-training programs suggested only for women. There are some strength building exercise suggested for arms, back, shoulders, core and legs. Strength training exercises work with the major muscle groups of the body and involve 8 to 10 exercises that we need to carry out 2-3 times every week.

When we become strong, we gain more muscle size, lose fat, stamina, more energy, and ability to carry on with heavy tasks at home. Some of the best strength-building exercises are the bench press, dead lift, squat, and shoulder press.

How to get started?

Warm up: We need to do some warm up exercises first. 2-3 minutes of jogging, rope jumping exercise, riding, some stretching exercises, or skipping are the best ways to warm up before starting any strength training program. The purpose of these warm up exercises is to increase our heart rate and to get little sweat which will increase blood circulation through our muscles. The blood circulation to muscles will help us prevent injury during the our exercise.

Body Building And Strength Training ProgramCooling down: It is very important to carry out a cooling down exercises after our strength training exercises. This not only help us to get rid off waste elements from our muscle tissues but also prevent blood pooling in our body. In fact, cooling down activities help us to equip our body for next strength training session.

Cooling down exercises can begin with walking/cycling for about 3 minutes and followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching activities.

Body Building And Strength Training ProgramWhat are the benefits of strength training programs?

  • Regular strength training programs improve the overall muscle rates in our body. Formation of new muscles increases the metabolic rate (Rate at which our body burns calories) in our body.
  • Proper strength training programs help us to build strong bones in our body. Strong bone formation in the body improves overall bone density and when bone density of our body improves, it prevents the formation of osteoporosis over time and eventually fight against it to a great extend. (Osteoporosis, the most common bone disease, is the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density)
  • Strength training programs make our bones, ligaments, and tendons stronger and this will safeguard our body from injuries.
  • Regular strength training programs bring down blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body and this eventually would lower the risk of Coronary Diseases.
  • Improve body’s resistance power and able to gain faster recovery from an injury and slowly build strength around the injured area. Regular strength training programs can keep an individual from any age related problems and make your body function well.
  • Regular strength training program will make our muscles leaner and these lean muscle mass burn more calories – up to 50 calories – everyday. Burning calories on regular basis at this rate would bring down excess fat in our body considerably. Our overall personality and confidence level improves when all that unwanted fat contents are removed and tones well our body muscles.
  • Besides these, regular strength training programs helps us balance well with stronger legs and core muscles. Regular strength-training activities will improve our performance in sports and stamina.The activities mentioned in this article are not tailored to an individual. In case you face any injury or health issues, consult with your doctor immediately.

Always get assistance from qualified fitness experts to draw a strength training program suitable for your body. Learn the ways to follow your fitness program gradually from a qualified instructor and avoid injury. 


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Why is a balanced diet important?

Why is a balanced diet important?

Why is a balanced diet important?Proper dieting and protein supplements are necessary to get the desired results from our fitness program. Enough quantity food supplements would balance our body weight from reducing due to regular physical workout, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet.

What is Diet food and why is a balanced diet important?

People eat a variety of dishes that supplement vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins etc. When we are regular with our fitness programs, our body consumes most of the vitamins and proteins in a short span of time. That means, in order to keep our body fit and healthy, we need to maintain a healthy diet that goes along with the type of fitness program that we follow every day.

Why is a balanced diet important?There should be enough protein in our body to equip the body against viruses, and to maintain required resistance power to the body. Therefore, it is required to give proper attention to dieting and take enough protein rich food to maintain our body and to get the best results from our fitness program. Balanced diet fitness is all about maintaining a perfect mix of diet to an appropriate fitness program.

We need to maintain a balanced diet fitness in our regular fitness program. Most of the times, we can get enough proteins and supplements from our daily breakfast and meals prepared at home itself. However, when we start doing advanced level exercises, we need more balanced diet that provides all types of vitamins and supplements required to maintain our body healthy and fit. This is where the ready-made food supplements come in to the picture. These days, varieties of good and effective ready-made diets are available in the market.

why is a balanced diet important?

Poor diet can leads to many diseases like cancer, heart disease, and obesity. It is very important to understand the relationship between our diet and our physical fitness program and we have to make necessary changes in the diets accordingly. 

Balanced diet fitness, a perfect mix of diet to an appropriate fitness program, should be an important part of our regular fitness program. Following are some of the main attributes of ideal diet fitness programs.

Balanced Diet

Our diet should be a balanced one. That means it should contain all those carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral salts and fiber in a well proportionate quantity. 

Carbohydrates: Provide the source of energy to our body so it is an important item in any balanced diet. Source: Rice, wheat, and pulses supply copious amount of carbohydrates enough for our body. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to provide enough quantities of required vitamins and fibers. Fruits and green vegetables will balance the metabolism of our body and improves the body resistance.

why is a balanced diet important?Eat Moderately

Eat well, but not much. Avoid eating too much. Instead of eating a large meal twice or thrice in a day, develop the habit of eating small and light meals at regular intervals. Do not worry about the fitness program in the beginning itself. Instead, we need to begin our workout and take things further ahead as we start understanding about our body and fitness. Maintain a proper diet. Ensure that our diet supplies enough strength and energy to carry out our regular fitness training.Did you like this post? Post your comments here. 

We have discussed about diet food and its importance in fitness programs. It is necessary to set up own diet program suiting to our body structure and fitness goal.

Diet program solutions

Following are few important facts that need to be considered in our diet programs to get effective results.

Why is a balanced diet important?1. Eat variety of foods

  • We need to include all sorts of healthy dishes and snacks such as whole grain breads and cereals in our daily diet plan. These food items supplement enough vitamins and minerals needed for our body.
  • Include leafy green vegetables in your diet for iron fueling and fruits for adequate  fiber.
  • Add lean meat and Fish dishes in your meal as it will bring down our cholesterol level and equip us to combat life threatening diseases like cancer to a great extend.
  • Take enough fluids and purified water to maintain maximum hydration.
2. Maintain Energy and Body Weight

We need to ensure that we have enough body weight and energy levels to carry out our daily activities comfortably. This will enhance our capability to recover fast when any damage occurs during the program. Our efforts to reduce obesity will not find success by reducing just food intake alone.

When we eat more food than we burn, our body will gain weight, mostly in the form of fat. In such cases, the only way we can maintain our body weight is by indulging in more physical activities and thereby making our body more efficient for maintaining energy balance. Just work out more is not enough and we need manage our diet to match our actual energy expenditure. Research studies shows that the body is naturally resistant to weight loss. It means that it is easier to prevent gaining weight to our body than loose weight.

3. Short term and Long term benefits

The diet should provide us both short-term and long-term benefits. We need not take too much strain to maintain our diet. Our diet maintenance should be easy and smooth throughout the program.

Why is a balanced diet important?Choose a diet program that is suitable for us, both physically and mentally. We need to ensure that we do not actually starve just for cutting excess fat and thereby running the risk of malnutrition and weakness.

People start their fitness program very enthusiastically but their interest level slowly reduced after a certain period. We need to be very patient and dedicated to our fitness program  and diet program schedules that was set at the start. It is very important to be disciplined to get the desired results.

In case if you do not enjoy any regular fitness programs, then try some interesting activities like gymnasium, aerobics, cycling and dancing. These activities offer enough activities to our body, lots of fun and entertainment as well. 

Whatever we do, we need to ensure that we do perfectly. The primary objective of all these activities is to speed up the overall fitness process and get the best results in time.

Eat healthy food (Read:Top 10 Ways to Eat Healthy), do regular exercises, and be good to every one, these are three basic points that one need to consider during the whole fitness regime.


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5 Top Fitness Tips That You Should Watch Out For

5 Top Fitness Tips

5 Fitness Tips

Are you not getting good results from your daily workout even after many months? There may be something wrong. The ideal thing that we should do is to find an expert fitness trainer to show us the way. However, if we do not want to go for a personal trainer and prefer to do it all alone, then the best thing that we can do is to follow tips provided by the best personal trainers out there.

Following are 5 top fitness tips to get effective results from our regular fitness program. These are simple fitness tips that anyone can follow during the workout. These tips would help us to reach our fitness target fast and safe.

5 Top Fitness Tips1. Eat Well: Though it is not correct, many people think that it is necessary to eat less to bring down fat contents in our body. Both overeating and inadequate eating can harm our body health and fitness.

Eating a healthy and balance diet provides all the nutrients required to our body engaged in our sport activity. Balanced diet includes combination of all type of foods. Active sports people should give attention to the following things.

Drink a lot of water and fluids

Drink enough water and fluids to avoid dehydration. Never wait for getting thirsty to sip water but drink lots of water and keep the body hydrated all the time. Consume more water before and after exercise. Keep a water bottle near the workout area as it will make easy for us to fetch water during workout. In case we work longer hours at Gym, then consume  fruit juice and dry fruits at the beginning or during the exercise to gain more energy.

Eat lots of wholegrain breads, fruits, green vegetables, cereals and dry fruits. Also include a lot of carbohydrate in our diet.

5 Top Fitness TipsWe need consume lots of carbohydrate rich food to fuel energy to our body. When we exercise more and burn more energy than usual, then we need to take more quantity carbohydrate to compensate the energy lost during the workout. Starchy foods are a main source of energy and nutrients in our diet.

The amount of carbohydrate required for our body depends on our activity level, type of our exercise we do, duration of exercise and other related factors. Bread, rice, brown rice, potato, and cereals are rich sources of starchy carbohydrates. The quantity of starchy food that we need to take every day should be at least one third of the total quantity food that we eat; it means that we have to make our base meals on these foods.

Eat variety of fruits and vegetables daily to source enough vitamins and minerals to our body. Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits can minimize the risk of heart ailments, some forms of cancer, stroke and related complications. Include banana, dry fruits and apple in our  meal every day.

5 Top Fitness TipsConsume milk, lean meat, fish, eggs, pulses and yoghurt at moderate level.

Meat, eggs and fish are rich sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Protein is very essential for cell growth and cell repair. Meat should be cooked very thoroughly before consumption. Use only lean cut, skin out, fat free meat. Consume fish once or twice in a week.

  • Eat enough quantity food for the level of activity that we engage regularly. We will not able to keep up with our exercise activities if we eat only little food.
  • Choose the right kind of exercise based on our weight, interest, our fitness goal and stamina.
  • Maintain a proper timings for meals in order to keep energy levels up.

2. Our body goes in to a salvation mode when not enough food is fed to the body consistently. To keep the metabolism running smoothly, we need to take at least five or six light meals at regular intervals every day instead of one or two heavy meals. Control portion size of meals. (Read: Healthy Ways to Eat)

3. Focus: We need to be very focused on our physical activity during the workout. It is perfectly 5 Top Fitness Tipsfine to socialize with people around, but at the same time keep full attention on our activity. Understand our fitness objective very well to get the best results.(Read: Workout Plan)

Here are few tips to stay focused while exercising.

  • Play some good music on mp3 player through out the exercise schedule. Music is a great way to motivate us during exercise and it also help us stay focused.
  • Make a plan for each day’s work out. This will help us to become more organized with our time.
  • Set your own fitness goal and try to achieve them. Reward yourself when you achieve a particular milestone in your fitness goal.
  • Do not use cell phone for calling or sending text messages while working out at Gym. Stay away from all instant distractions and concentrate on workout.
  • Do not compare our fitness practices with others in the Gym. Do not listen to other members opinions and suggestions. Always follow instructions of a trained and qualified professional there.
  • Do not focus on what every others are doing in the Gym. Such things will only slow down our exercise activities.

4. We need to keep a track of body fat percentage at different periods and monitor the performance of our fitness program. Analyze the performance periodically and see how far we stand from the required level of fitness. There are many ways we can measure body fat percentage.

5 Top Fitness TipsSkin Fold Caliper: Here we can measure our body fat percentage by pinching fat with our fingers and then measure the thickness with a body fat caliper. Body fat caliper reading are given in millimeters. We can analyze this reading – using a chart with age and gender – to find out our body fat percentage.  Although this test requires few skilled fitness professionals, we get more accurate and dependable result.

Besides this, some of the other ways to measure body fat percentage are Anthropometric, Hydrostatic Weighing, DEXA Scan and Bioelectric Impedance Analysis.

5. Seek guidance from fitness expert when required. Unless we do proper planning and regular monitoring, it is difficult to get the desired results on time. It is better to involve our fitness instructor in every steps of our fitness program that include planning fitness program activities, setting fitness goals, evaluating fitness performance, diet management and so on. When someone out there to guide us with all resources, we naturally become motivated and energetic. Make use of these professionals’ service better and get familiar with the right way of fitness activities and make our way towards our goal.

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Exercise for Beginners

Exercise for Beginners

Exercise for BeginnersDecided to start exercise programs but don’t  know how to go about it? This article offers some basic tips for people who are fairly new to fitness training and looking for the best workouts and routines.

Research studies has proved that the regular exercise can cure some forms of heart disease and anxiety. Exercise has been effective to prevent and recover from some types of cancer, arthritis, and  depression. Regular exercise can help people lose weight and become slim and smart.

As a beginner, we need to understand our goal and the type fitness method that we like. Try asking these questions to ourselves

  • What type of exercise that we enjoy doing?
  • Are we comfortable doing these activities regularly?
  • What type of exercises that we do not like?

Exercise for BeginnersAccording to Redberg, there are different ways we can do our exercise methods that would benefit our body. Walking, running, dancing, cycling, gardening, doing household activities are few of them. Whatever activities we choose, the most important thing is to become active in an exercise that we would enjoy everyday. When we start doing something we like, that will increase chances to make it as our habit on every day.

How much exercise one should do as a beginner?

Experts recommends that at least 30 minutes of brisk walking or any other moderate-intensity physical activity on every day is enough to maintain a body fit and healthy. We can find out our intensity of exercise  by checking our heart rate and pulse during the exercise. Target heart rate for moderate-intensity physical activity should be 50% to 70% of maximum heart rate.

Maximum Heart Rate of a person varies based on the age. We can calculate the age related heart rate by subtracting the person’s age from 220.

At first, we need to evaluate what type of exercise suits to our body. It is better to consult with a doctor and find out, if any particular type exercise is suitable for our body or not. It is very important that we should get a medical clearance from our doctor especially when we are prone to any heart ailments or any other complications. Males aged above 45 and female aged above 55 should compulsorily get approval from a doctor before going to enroll with any fitness program. In case of older people, get a thorough check up and advice from the doctor even if their present medical conditions is satisfactory.

imagesWhere should we start our exercise? At home or at fitness center?

It is better to enroll with a reputed fitness center as a beginner. At the fitness center, we can choose the exercise with the help of an expert fitness trainer there. Remember, whatever exercise we choose, start with low intensity in the beginning and continue build up over in the coming days. This approach is most appropriate to the longevity of our exercise program. If we start exercise with hard steps in the beginning itself, that could only cause injuries and exhaustion to our body. Many beginners make the mistake of starting out their exercise too aggressively assuming that it would produce instant results. According to fitness experts, such people with aggressive approach will not stick with their fitness program for long. It is better to develop our exercise as a new habit that we can stick with for life long.

We should always choose an exercise that we enjoy doing or else it will be hard for us to continue doing the same thing daily for long. Suppose if we do not like jogging in the early morning, choose a time that we are comfortable. Choose an exercise that we enjoy doing the most or the activities that we hate the least, because then only we continue practice it for long and complete our fitness term.

Not getting optimal results?

This happened because we were not doing the right thing until now and that prevent us from getting the results we aimed. Here are few points for beginners to focus on and get the best results.

Don’t get stressed, relax

Beginners often get stressed during the first few days of their fitness program because they are anxious about their body weight and eager to achieve results quickly. Lack of preparation, lack of confidence are some of the reasons for such anxiety. Don’t get stressed during the workout. Approach every activity with relaxed mind. Do some medication, if required. Set a realistic goal for different phases of fitness program and focus on them to achieve. Never push yourself hard to achieve anything as that can cause injuries. Develop enthusiasm and get motivated to try different fitness methods. Remember, patience is the companion of wisdom.

Exercise on all days

As a beginner, it is very important for us to stick to our fitness program with utmost dedication. Don’t miss exercise on any day and make it as a habit. Choose the most comfortable time and place for our exercise and that would encourage us follow the exercise routine daily. We need to maintain a consistency in all our fitness activities. Keep doing something on every day and enjoy what we do!

Exercise for BeginnersSlow and Steady

Do every exercise slowly and carefully. Use fitness machines and equipment carefully and understand how to operate them safely. Attend fitness classes regularly and learn more about these fitness equipment and safe fitness practices. Understand common exercise mistakes mentioned in this article and follow the best practices always. For any help, always take guidance from the Gym instructor.  

What if no exercise interest us?

Walking and Aerobic exercise are the best alternatives if we don’t find any exercises that interest us.

Exercise for Beginners

Walking is a suitable exercise for all type of people. If you are physically weak, then consider walking for ten minutes everyday. Increase the duration by five minutes in every two weeks. Like this, we can increase the limit as the body stamina starts showing some improvements. Enjoy what you are doing. Let one of your friends also start practice with us and make our fitness practice more enjoyable.

Aerobic/cardiovascular exercise

Aerobic/cardiovascular exercises speed up our heart rate and breathing temporarily. Some of the most common Aerobic/ cardiovascular exercise are walking, running, cycling, dancing, and swimming. Cardiovascular exercise strengthen our heart and enhance our lung capacity. Do some cardiovascular exercise, like brisk walking, running or swimming, to elevate heart rate for 20-30 minutes to get the best result. Follow this at least five times a week. Do some slow, static stretches that last for 20 seconds for at least 4 to 7 days every week.

To be on a safer side, we should always seek our fitness expert’s opinion when we want to make any changes in our existing fitness program. If we are not keen on doing any exercise, then we need to consider moving to the nearest tennis or golf course where we can get more chances to explore our self.

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