Acne : Causes And Natural Remedies

Acne : Causes And Natural Remedies

Acne : Causes And Natural RemediesIntroduction

Acne is a common skin disease. Acne is found in people of all ages but it is most common among teenage boys and girls. These days, younger children are also effected by acne.

Causes of acne are genetic. It can occur at the time after birth; it can start at the age of ten, eleven or even at the age of forty and later. Acne can cause physical and emotional impact on people who are affected so it is advisable to start treatment as early as possible.

There are different types of acne and they are seen in different forms. Some of the most common type of acne are Black heads, white heads, pimples, large painful lumps, small red bumps and many more.

Acne : Causes And Natural RemediesCauses of Acne

As mentioned above, causes are mostly genetic. However, the real causes are not just one but many. These causes are directly linked to the changes happened to a child while in the process of growing to become a matured adult. Besides these hereditary factors, some of other major causes of acne formation are food, hormone imbalance in the body, dirt on the skin, and reaction of the body to some type of drugs and cosmetics. Poor diet, improper eating habits, consuming excessive cold drinks on daily basis are also causes acne.

Few of major reasons of forming acne are excessive oil production on skin surface, clogged skin pores, bacteria, and damaged/dead skin cells. Although the increased stress levels cannot be a cause for any type of acne formation but it can certainly aggravate the condition of existing acne on our body.

When we workout at Gym and sweat more, our pores are likely to get clogged, trapping dead skin cells and oil inside. To prevent this, use body wash that can remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores. Body wash that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide would be an ideal choice. Use good skin cleanser. Retinoid lotions and creams are better options as they can not only clean our skin gently but also reduce skin wrinkles getting formed. Choose cleaners that care for our type of skin gently and that never cause any strip. Always use new wash cloths and clean towels.

Acne : Causes And Natural RemediesTypes of Acne

There are various types of acne and many of these are found in the form of Whitehead, Blackheads, Papules, Pimples, and Cysts. Acne are also be classified based on it appears on to which age group of people. They are child acne, adult acne, and teen acne. As its names implies, these acne are appeared at different ages of on the different areas of body.

Face Acne

Face acne are generally found in the forms of blemishes, blackheads, and pimples. Mostly teenagers are affected by it. It is because of rapid hormonal changes happen during the course of time when a child becomes an adult. Some of the remedies to face acne are mentioned below.

  • Change your pillow cover every day.
  • Never wash your face more than twice a day and use cool or warm water.
  • Never pop pimples on face. When we pop pimples, the surrounding skin area  become inflamed and that will cause more pain and redness.  
  • Keep your hair and face always clean from excess oil and dirt.
  • Do not allow your oily hair to fall on your face or forehead areas.
  • Reduce consumption of dairy products . Milk can stimulate male sex hormones which can cause getting more pimples on face.
  • Control eating oily food.
Acne : Causes And Natural RemediesBody Acne

Body acne, appears mostly because of genetic reasons, and develops on most parts of a body. Body acne, can make us uncomfortable and very hard to rid of it. Sometimes, body acne causes more trouble than face acne. There are few herbal treatments that found to be effective for treating body acne. However, if we want to get rid of it permanently, then we need to adopt a new lifestyle that can prevent acne coming back again.

Several people found applying baking soda paste on the effected area can reduce acne formation and remove the existing marks because baking soda is capable of removing dead skin cells that clog our skin pores and thereby reduce the main cause of body acne.

Clarifying sprays can also used to treat body acne effectively as it can be sprayed to every effected areas of body. Always use medicated soaps or body lotion recommended by your dermatologist. Medicated soaps can control body acne getting formed in more areas.

Drink more water everyday. Since water hydrates our body that would flush out harmful toxins that can damage our skin surface. This way, drinking more water will naturally cleanses our skin and make it more healthy and elastic. Adding more vitamin C and vitamin D in our diet is another good that we can do for our skin. Sunlight is also a good source for vitamin D.

Include more vegetables and fruits in our diet. Fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruits, and citrus have large content of vitamin C, so include them in your regular diet. Avoid eating fried chips and fast foods as the fat content present in them can adversely effect our body’s resistance against acne formation. Such foods often contain saturated fats and/or trans fat. Avoid saturated fats – we get this from meats –  and trans-fats – this we get from cooking oil.

Acne : Causes And Natural RemediesPrevention

It is better to adapt some acne prevention methods before it start developing on your body. However, when you are already affected with it then choose some of the best acne treatment options available in the market.

At first, find out the root cause of acne formation in your body and then find out solutions to combat the same cause.

  • Start acne medication as soon as any acne formation spotted on your body. It is better to seek an advice from your specialist to choose your preferred acne diets. It is also important to find out if your food or medicines aggravate its formation further.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and heat. Use good acne facials suggested by your dermatologist always.
  • Do not squeeze the pimple. It will only destroy the skin tissues, which turn out to become a permanent scar on your face.

Besides all the precautions and remedies mentioned above, you can also try some of the best natural and herbal treatments that are available in the market that can remove all sort of acne without any side effects.


Many dermatologists and leading hospitals offer acne help facilities at their centers. Plenty of new products are also available in the market to combat different types of acne. People can very well visit one of those medical centers to get proper medication.

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