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Home fitness is catching up very fast amongst fitness freaks. Having a full-fledged fitness system at home is cool. There are many advantages of home fitness. The result depends on the type of fitness equipment we use and the commitment to follow the home fitness schedule. It is possible to achieve the same results if we are committed to our plan.

Due to lack of motivation and discipline, people often find it difficult to sustain with their home fitness workouts for long. The best thing that we can do is to enlist a partner for our fitness workout program. Such move will help us enjoy our workout and encourage us to do better. We  stay motivated and continue with our exercise routine when we have someone to accompany with us.

Workout at homeWhat type of exercises that we can include in our home fitness program? Home fitness exercises work on the same fundamentals and focus on the same muscle groups. Lack of space at home for fitness practice should not deter us from going ahead with our plan. There are many fitness workouts that we can try with simple tools and get better results. For example, we can use Swiss ball or resistance bands to get a whole body workout.

We can get lots of ideas from workout videos and book. Keep a stock of some good workout videos and try some new workout methods presented there. Workout videos provides a great source of information and guide us through our fitness program. Some of the fitness DVDs such as P90X® presents some useful fitness tips and demonstrate how to prepare for a workout are really worth a try. Always engage our fitness partner in all fitness activities that we experiment and practice.

Workout at homeWorkout videos are dependable and will be of great help when we don’t have any instructor or guide to show us the right way. Fitness videos can teach us new exercise methods and encourage us to continue with our fitness schedule. However, beware of fitness DVDs that misguide us with false promises and offers. Always purchase the fitness videos produced by a reputed brand/company.

Ensure that the promises offered by these fitness videos have some scientific validity. We can get better information about trending fitness videos from people who are already using it. Follow through their reviews and experience. Workout videos that offer not just core fitness activities are better choice. Choose videos that offer assured results for our efforts. P90X® video promises results in short period provided if we follow their tight work schedule. In their program they change exercises regularly to make muscles size growing.

Keep our motivation level up. Take photographs of body at different intervals and phases as our fitness program progresses. See the difference in each photograph. Take pictures from front, back and side and paste these pictures on wall. We really get motivated by the improvement shown in these photos taken at different stages of our fitness program. This will not only boost our confidence but also help us achieve better.

Workout at homeAdvantages of Home Fitness

  • Home fitness can save our time and money in the long run.
  • We do not need to drive down to our fitness center in the heavy traffic so we will be less stressed.
  • We can train ourselves without any hassles of finding time to be at our fitness center. Thus we will have better control with our fitness activities.
  • We can add more fun to our fitness practices by including our family members. This will encourage our family members also to join us for regular workout.
  • We will able to train our kids on various fitness equipment and practices.
  • Home fitness atmosphere is flexible so our family members can use it when they want.

Disadvantages of Home Fitness

  • Setting up a full fledged home fitness needs lots of research and plan.
  • It requires good planning, dedication and knowledge to make a perfect fitness system at home.
  • We need to be very disciplined and committed to programmed fitness methods to get the desired results.
  • We need to work hard and self-motivated.
  • Our fitness training ought to be tailored to suit our needs and goals. We need to consider this matter while setting up our home fitness system. Rushing to start a fitness-training program without proper education, support, and professional help could only be a disaster in the long-term.
Workout at homeHow to set up our Home Fitness?

Home fitness is a good option, especially for busy people. We have already gone through some of the major advantages and disadvantages of a Home fitness and we are now ready to move on to set up one. But how to go about it? Here are few tips that we can follow.

  • Visit any good gym in our area and walk around there. Understand the fitness practices followed there and the kind of equipment used there. Work out the approximate cost to acquire all necessary fitness equipment from the market.
  • Talk to personal trainers over there and build a rapport with them. Seek their opinion and advice about starting a home fitness. An experienced personal trainer can give us enough inputs about fitness equipment, good fitness practices, and other valuable suggestions related to home fitness in detail.
  • If we have not gone through any fitness training recently, we must then seek help from a certified fitness trainer. Our fitness trainer could help us to plan an ideal fitness program for us that is non-intimidating, enjoyable and results oriented at the same time.
  • We should have a proper time bound fitness plan. If we do not have a genuine fitness plan, then home fitness is not going to give us good results.
  • Different types of home fitness equipment are available these days. We can choose the right one based on the feasibility, our age, our fitness level and our budget. To get the most advantage, get guidance from professionally qualified fitness instructor. If we start working with our fitness trainer regularly, we are surely going to hit our fitness target faster.
  • Use internet to search for information about home fitness and related topics. Do extensive research at our level before setting up a home fitness.
  • Consult with your dietitian, in case your goal is to cut excess body weight. An experienced dietitian can help us to set suitable dieting system according to our physical and medical characteristics. 

A fitness plan with proper dieting schedule can bring us the best results earliest.  



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